Under Neptune’s Gaze

YHC typically arrives at the AO early to stretch and prepare. Upon approaching TheYachtClub, the sight was shocking: someone had erected a kids bungee jump station, fencing and some other midway-style ride on the pristine turf. The PAX of F3 show up to work hard in the gloom and these carnies show no respect for the dignity of TheYachtClub. The matter will be taken up with the town. YHC will promise that this situation will be resolved. By at least Labor Day, we will no longer have these concerns. The shovel flag was planted elsewhere.


79 degrees and the still air was heavy with moisture…a typical HHI summer morning.


YHC is not trained or certified; everyone is working out at there own risk.


SSH x 25  I/C

TTT x 15 I/C

Imperial Walkers x 15 I/C

AC x 15 (fwd and reverse)

Mosey from AO to the Neptune sculpture in the heart of Shelter Cove Marina.


The sculpture of Neptune sits on an elevated modified octagon. The PAX each pick a side where they do 5 Burpees then Bear Crawl down the steps then reverse Bear Crawl back up. Move to the next side, rinse and repeat. Continue until this is done on seven sides (the eighth side is extended to hold the sculpture and there is no room to work out).

PAX line up on the wall for a Line of Fire with Dips (1-10).

PAX take their six under the trident for a Ring of Fire with American Hammers (1-10)

Mosey back to the AO.

2 MOM:

PAX on their six, first man counts cadence for 10 Flutters as others do leg lifts. The lead rotates until each man has counted out Flutters. Done.




This morning was great. I showed up to find impediments in the AO and we only had 3 PAX total. The workout that was planned was filed away for another day and we adjusted. When we were done, I made the comment that leading such a small group was the hardest Q for me. As I drove home, I started to be thankful for the reminder that we need flexibility. Things rarely go as planned, be ready to adapt. Who, among us is living the life that you imagined when you were 16 years old?

It was fun to see Chumbucket and Spaulding show off the improvements that they’ve made in a short period of time. It’s always an honor to lead this group, whether it’s 3 or 30. I’ve said it many times before: if you aren’t taking a turn Q’ing, you’re missing the best part of F3. #SYITG

Squid, OUT

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