The Infinitude of Primes


PAX: Joker, Minnow, Moped, FloRide, Big Perm, Dwight, Scissorhands, Michael Bolton, Ballcock, Chomp, Coach K, Paladin, Madoff, Valley Girl, Handy Manny, Mr. Clean, Slick Rick (Respect), Urkel (QIC)

YHC is now halfway to meeting my standing record of 38 consecutive workouts. I have been spending some quality time in the parking lot of theBuck while my daughter perfects her driving skills. I noticed the numbers on the parking spaces and decided that they could be very useful for a workout. I have three or four different plans of varying complexities in my head. 19 workouts led me to pick an exploration of the primes as the first. Euclid proposed one of the first known proofs of the infinitude of the primes in his Elements. He also offered a proof and many others have followed over the year. We were not seeking a proof in this workout, merely an exploration. Let’s get to it.

Conditions: 75° with nearly 100% humidity

Disclaimer: Don’t hurt yourself too much

Warm Up:

  •      SSH IC x 19
  •      TTT IC x 13
  •      IW IC x 29
  •      LBAC IC x 17 rev x 17
  •      Pull Ups x 7

The Thang – The Infinitude of Primes

  •      Mosey to the Space Number 1 next to the Dumpster – this is the only numbered space that is neither prime or composite
  •      Jailbreak to Space Number 23 – 23 Burpees
  •      Mosey to Space Number 47 – 47 Merkins
  •      Mosey to Space Number 79 – 79 single count Flutters
  •      Mosey to Space Number 163 – 63 LBC’s
  •      Mosey to Space Number 181 – 81 Overhead Claps
  •      Mosey to Space Number 271 – 71 Squats
  •      Mosey to Space Number 167 – 67 single count Step Ups
  •      Mosey to Space Number 293 – 93 Calf Raises
  •      Bearcrawl to Space Number 317
  •      Mosey to Space Number 359 – 59 Wide Merkins
  •      Lungewalk to Space Number 307 – 7 Burpees
  •      Lungewalk to end of parking section
  •      Mosey around the long way to the pad


  •      American Hammers IC x 19
  •      Box Cutters IC x 17
  •      Burpees x 1 (We had done 30 previously, this is not prime)
  •      Backscratchers IC x 31
  •      Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man to time



  • New F3 group starting in Beaufort 8/26 start EHing and make plans to be there
  • Beach Bum Triathlon is this Saturday it is not too late to register


  •      There were several exercises as a part of this workout that were deceptively easy at first, but the impact was felt as the reps got higher
  •      This was a fun one to plan and to lead
  •      Paladin is extremely good at finding parking space numbers
  •      Joker does not like superman or spiderman, only ironman
  •      The PAX at theBuck are very intelligent
  •      The numbers in the parking lot will definitely make a return in a future Q
  •      It is always a pleasure to lead this group. If you haven’t been Qing, you are missing out.
  •      Qdrenaline is a real thing, look it up.

Urkel Out!

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