Who knew bearcrawl/crabcrawl suicides where so tough?

MONDAY JULY 31, 2017

PAX: Urkel, Joker, Big Perm, Ballcock, Chomp, Coach K, Mr. Clean, Peaches, Gambit, Compost, Gump, Cubby, Chum Bucket, Buckeye, Ray, Madoff, Bartman, No Pay, GatorBait (QIC)

Conditions: 75  with low Humidity for July


SSH x 25 IC TTT x 20IC windmill x 20 IC AC


Count of 1 and 2, 1’s start with suicide at basketball court while 2’s wall sit. When 1’s finish they strike off around the loop and the 2’s start their suicides. Station 1 = 30 BB sit-ups, Station 2 = 30 incline and decline merkins, Station 3 = 30 soul crushing burpees, Station 4 = 30 monkey humpers. Return to basketball ball court for bear crawl suicides then repeat stations doing 20 reps. Return to basketball ball court for crab crawl suicides (much mumble chatter) then repeat stations doing 10 reps.




-August 9 F3 happy hour at downtown dispensary

-August 19 F3 Sandbar day

-Check out the give2give campaign put on by F3 which helps cover cost of starting new AO’s across the country

-Sign up to Q and get some #Qdrenaline!



– Debate on which exercise is worse bear crawl or crab walk? They both suck to me

– 30 Burpees in a row was a killer and sparked much mumble chatter

Always a pleasure to Lead,

GatorBait out!!

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