The Hills Are Alive!

8/3 Yacht Club Back Blast

YHC came up with this work out a few weeks ago but tabled it to allow for a few out of town Q’s. It was worth the wait.

PAX: Shingles, Squid, Bartman, Zima(visitor), Matlock(visitor), Chumbucket – Q

Conditions: Light drizzle at the start but 75 with a breeze off the water

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional, push yourself and the man next to you.

Warm-Up: SSH x 30, TTT x 20, Arm Circle 15 Forward, 15 backward, Imperial Walkers x 20.

The Thang:

-Mosey around the track to the playground for pull-ups and LBC’s AMR

-Indian Run to Hill (Only time Bartman stopped moving was to take in the view)

-Up & Over Blackjack (Crabwalk downhill, Bearcrawl Uphill, Merkins at the bottom of one side starting at 20, 19, 18…, Big boy situps at the bottom of the otherside starting at 1,2,3… with 2 Burpees each time you make it to the top. An audible was called due to time restraints.

-Indian Run Back to AO

-1 Lap around track with a stop at the stage for 15 Box Jumps, and Lunge Walk arounf the opposite Curve


-Plank with Right Arm to the sky and 15 Nolan Ryans, then Left Arm to the sky and 15 more Nolan Ryans (in case Robin Ventura is still conscience)

-Freddy Murcury x 4

-In/Out x 20

-Flutters x 20


Great Push!

Announcements: Zima (From Fort Mill) has the Saturday Q.


  1. The Yacht Club is a great location for an AO. There are plenty of options. (and towel girls)
  2. Running the Q the day I am leaving for vacation was a good idea.
  3. Its great to see the improvement each week in Squid and Shingles

It was an honor to Q!

Chumbucket out til next week!

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