Gummy Bears

Pax: Big Perm, Stones, Michael Bolton, Urkel, Crop Duster, Flo Ride, Big Easy, Yakem, Handy Manny, CHomp, Madoff, Slick Rick, Paladin, Mr. Clean, Compost, Joker, Whip, FNG (Sawed Off)

Arrived 4:55 AM
Thought about going to sleep for 10 minutes but pressed through lol.

515 AM Circle up, welcome, and disclaimer (after first exercise set).

Warm Up:
Over head arm circles 20 front and 20 back.
Imperial Walkers x 20
Thur the Tunnel x 20


The Thang: Bear Crawls will be done in hell I think. Don’t go.

PAX line up on ‘white line’ of the PAD.

1 Dive Bomber    2,3,4,5,6,7,8 etc etc
Pax Bear Crawls half way across PAD
11 V-UPS  11,10,9,8,7 etc.
REVERSE Bear Crawl back to white line.

Circle Up (not too tight)
Bear Crawl Ring of Fire until Q says stop.
Upon Stop..6 inches with legs and arms off ground.
Bear Crawl Ring of Fire until Q calls stop.
Flutters x 30
Bear Crawl Ring of Fire Unitl Q calls stop.
Freddies x 30

PAX Parter Up on opposite white lines on PAD>
Bear Crawl to the middle where each Pax will meet and
perform x 20 Merkin (Berkins?///Floyd Mayweathers)

-American Hammers
-Mtn. Climbers
-2 Rounds

5:58 AM
Pax Cirle Up for One Last Bear Crawl Ring of Fire (by this time most are DEEEAAAADDD).

Prayers and Announcements

  • 8/19 Bobcat Scorcher 5K (contact Joker for details)
  • 8/19 2ndF Sandbar Day (contact Peaches for details)
  • 8/26 Launch convergence for The Anchor AO in Beaufort…EVERYONE needs to come!


Honored to lead. Every single man pushed it this morning….literally to exhaustion. Such an energy and accountable in the group of F3. You press on because you look to your right and left and you see your brother…he’s not quitting and neither can you.


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