Breaking Records

PAX: Judge Judy, Flowride, Romo, Swanson, Foodstamps, Gatorbait, Urkel, Paledine, Bartman, Ray, Madoff, Robinhood, Squid, Moped, Mr. Clean, Chomp, Dwight, Big Easy (Respect), Scissor Hands, Stones, Ricky Bobby, 12 Gauge, Whippoorwill, Squealer, Gambit, Coach K, Grayson, Soul Finger, Joker, Paris, Ballcock, Chumbucket, Peaches (QIC)


Just about one year ago today Foot Long had been after me to join his 5 am work out group, after many dodged EH’s I gave it a try.  I thought I was somewhat in shape, WRONG.  Whippoorwill gave me a beating I will never forget.  What better way to celebrate your one year anniversary of F3 and to revisit that beating and see if you have improved.


75 Slightly Humid


YHC is not trained but push yourself and the man next to you

Warm Up:

SSH x 35 IC (In rolls Flowrider)

AC x 15 IC

TTT x 20 IC

Tempo Merkin x 20 IC


Mosey to the Parking lot and form 2 Lines, one slow and one Fast.  After moving the sandbaggers to correct line lets Indian Run to Old AO (Dubois Park). Slow Group head south, Fast Group head north.  YHC hadn’t gotten a head count yet but knew it would be a lot since he only sprinted 2 times during .6 mile run with half the group.

Lawrence and Boundary find a spot for 20 Wide Merkins (Werkins) IC

Jail Break to Lawrence and Calhoun for 25 Monkey Humpers or Oil Rigs IC

Karaoke Right to Calhoun and Lawton for 15 Ranger Merkins IC

Karaoke Left to Calhoun and Church for 50 LBC’s OYO

Mosey to Calhoun and Hwy 46 for 15 Diamond Merkins IC

Look both ways then Jail Break to Dog Park area across from Woodies for 25 Big Boy Sits Up OYO.  Whip set a PR on that JB.

Line up on the sidewalk facing Corks (I was thinking merlot but not that kind) Burpee Broad jump across the dog park 5 Merkins Bear Crawl back across for 4 Merkins, Burpee Broad Jump across 3 Merkins Bear Crawl back 2 Merkins, Burpee Broad Jump across 1 Merkin Bear Crawl Back.  IF NEEDED: Modify to a Lunge Walk to travel length of park, Finish with the 6 and create 1 single file line facing Woodies.

One 33 PAX long Indian run from Woodies back to the AO was attempted, probably not the safest but we gave it a shot.  YHC realized about half way back that is way too many PAX to try and Indian run with and definitely not on that route with the pool traffic, my apology’s men for not considering your safety.

Plank around the flag for the 6


Flutters x 30 IC

Dirty Dogs (both legs) x 15 and 16 left IC

Back Scratchers x 10 IC





-Bobcat Scorcher this Saturday at 8:00 at Hampton Hall Benefits Grace Sulak scholarship fund.

-Sandbar this Saturday start at OFP 11:00 AM. Let YHC know if your coming and he will pair you up with a boat prior to avoid any more congestion at OFP than there already is.

-2nd F Lunch at Guisseppis Bluffton noon on 08.23.17

-P-200 Sign up on Q-tab or Contact Judy.

-Paledins church (St. Andrews) and First Zion church is having a picnic on Sunday 4-6 

-Prayers for our country to unite in time of hate and violence in Charlotteville.


-2 Records broken this morning.  1 New AO record of 33 PAX from Mondays 30, and 2 YHC for consistently exercising for a year. The credit for both of the records belongs to you men.  The only reason I was able to get up at 445 every morning for a year is knowing there would be great comradery, I would be held accountable and I would be pushed beyond my limits by each of you men.  I am proud to be a part of this group and will do my best to provide what I have received to each of you.

-There were 17 PAX at Whippoorwills beating last year and 33 today, if Dabo hadn’t fartsacked, it would have been double last years number. #tightenup

-Nice Push Ricky Bobby and Robin Hood, last year I was seriously looking for somewhere to sneak off and hide but you men killed it today.

-When running on the sidewalk on Prichard street note there is an oversized mailbox that hangs well into the sidewalk and its painted black.

-I think the numbers of the Bluffton swim team are growing like ours, that place has been packed.

-Judge Judy did not get his share of push ups today, Ill touch base with Urkel and make sure he saves some for you tomorrow.

-T-Claps to Romo for the consistency since his 1st post last week. Good work.

Looking forward to another year!

Peaches out!



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