Always better the second time

Workout: 8.19.17

Conditions: 83, high humidity, SSW 0-5kts

PAX: Paladin, Big Easy, Dabo, Mr. Clean, Chumbucket, Conroy, Spaulding, Valley Girl, Compost, JV, Kiffin, Squid-QIC

Warm-Up ( all IC):

30 x SSH

15 x TTT

15ea x Arm Circles

20 x Imperial Walkers

Slow mosey to the old AO (Dubois Park)

The Thang:

The PAX line up shoulder to shoulder and continuously do the called exercise. Beginning on one end, PAX leave the line (two at a time) to complete a round of max Pull Ups, then return to continue the called exercise. Once all PAX have done a round of Pull Ups, everyone heads to the street to run either a mosey around the block OR an All-You-Got lap from the southeast east park entrance, around the streets to the northwest entrance.


-Full lap around block

-American Hammers

-Short lap AYG

-Plank Jacks

-Full lap around block

-Heels to Heaven

-Short lap AYG

(Now, instead of doing max reps of Pull Ups, PAX are to mount the bar and do 10 x Knees to Chest.)

–Heels to Heaven (again)

-Full lap around block

-Plank Jacks

-Short lap AYG

-American Hammers

-Short lap AYG

(Go back to max Pull Ups)


Mosey back to the AO.

1 MOM:

Dabo was asked to lead a round of 20 x Flutters (we did 30)….and we’re done.



-2nd F Sandbar event later in the day.

-Launch of Beaufort AO next Sat, 8/26. THERE IS NO BLUFFTON WORKOUT next week; everyone is to converge on the Beaufort launch in Henry Chambers Waterfront Park in downtown Beaufort (park at the marina end of the park).

-Prayers for a PAX member’s family as they cope with a daughter’s emotional health issues.

-Prayers for the picnic organized by Paladin for his church and Mt Zion on Wharf St.

-Prayers for healing the racial divide in our communities, country and greater world.


YHC loves to Q on Saturdays. The longer amount of time allows more flexibility. It also sets the tone of the upcoming week. If you can crush 60 minutes on a Saturday, the weekday 45 min workouts fly by. This workout was a repeat of what was done at The Yacht Club on Tuesday. It was not fun either day but it was effective both. Everyone gave great effort but it was easy to note that Mr. Clean continues to improve and left everything he has on the street.

At one point, YHC was not far from the six when a passerby hangs out the window and yells encouragement, “PUSH YOURSELF, SQUID!” While pondering how sad it is when the townspeople are yelling at you, the realization came that the verbal pick-me-up was from Peaches, as he passed on his way to the Bobcat Scorcher 5k.

It is always a privilege to get to lead this group. #ISI #SYITG

Squid, OUT!

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