Dual Bombing Run

Date: 08/21/2017

QIC: Dabo

PAX:  Squid, Stones, Cropduster, Ballcock, Palladin, Compost, Ricky Bobby, Gump, Gambit, Swanson, Paris, Romo, Cubby, Ray, Madoff, Chumbucket, Big Perm, Kiffin, Robin Hood, Chomp, Coach K, Peaches, Urkel, MeatGazer!(FNG) Dabo – QIC

Conditions: Cool, Breezy, Dry, Yeah right,…Hot, Thick, Nasty, Still, Stank, Humid

YHC Checked the Q sheet yesterday evening around 0600 – Empty=Opportunity – You see, I was supposed to be in Belize, attempting to fool well educated game fish into biting fish hooks that look like they got hung up in wool sweaters, that somehow got the name “Flys” But, As life often does, I was thrown a curve ball named Tropical Depression #91, then Tropical Storm Harvey, Harvey didn’t want me to go to Belize, Harvey apparently feared for the fish population in Belize. So, what to do, what to do? Sit around, angry at the situation? Sulking around with poor attitude….? I think not, lets take this opportunity to take my daily red pill, and help my fellow pax start the week off with a little hard work, and maybe get a little bit better in the process.

The past  couple of Mondays have had some crazy numbers of Pax posting, so it presents a new, but good, challenge of large group Q management, I had a few ideas floating around in my head, so lets see just how many post this am.


Gather Around the Virtual Shovel Flag as Big Easy made the easy decision not to post with the shovel this am.


SSH x 30 IC

Thru the Tunnel x 20 IC

Imperial Walker x 20 IC

Mosey out of AO – Gather on Pritchard St.



2 Line Indian Run to the Church of the Cross –

Find a spot on the wall for a set of 11’s – Dips and Derkins

Upon completion each Pax is assigned to team 1 or team 2 –

Twin Line bombing run through the heart of Bluffton –

Team 1 down Boundary Street, Team 2 down Calhoun.

Each team begins at Water Street with BOMBS

5 Burpees

10 Overhead Press

15 Merkins

20 Big Boy Sit Ups

25 Squats

Mosey down your respective street, repeat BOMBS at each Street Corner – Complete the final BOMBS at May River Rd(Hwy46) and the teams reconvene.

Recovery Mosey Back to the AO with a strong push at the end coming down Pritchard to return to the AO.

5MOM: No time for that nonsense – it’s 0601!



Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama


T-Claps for the Community Lunch organized by Palladin

2nd F Lunch this Wednesday at Guiseppi’s Bluffton 12 Noon. Show up – Enjoy some fellowship –

Beaufort AO Launch – this Saturday – 0700 – Waterfront Park – Beaufort – there will be no MOB workout – need full convergence on Beaufort. Be There!

Fellow PAX – Cal Sharp needs moral support during difficult time this week in Beaufort – contact Dabo for Details.

Prayer Request:

General Safety and Clarity through the events today associated with the eclipse.


  • SorryNotSorry that Meatgazer was assigned today – youre already famous Shane Cody – Blame Squid
  • Trashtruck passing by with no breeze while doing BOMBS does not enhance the workout in a positive way
  • Stones went on record with the slowest BBSU’s in F3 history, but he didn’t cheat the #
  • Peaches pointed out that a negative breeze existed today – he was right
  • Thankful we only had time for 1 bombing run –
  • Robinhood – DidntQuit – Beast
  •  #ISI

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