1/2 of a Reverse Pyramid

Date 8/23/17

QIC: 12gauge

PAX: Stones, Squealer, Dwight, Urkel, Joker, Judge Judy, Whipporwill, Peaches, Bueller, Swanson, Gambit, Romo, Paris, Shady, Scissor Hands, Big Easy, Sawed Off, Ray, Chumbucket, Squid, Meat Gazer, Moped, Medoff, Chomp, Gump, Robin Hood

Conditions: Balmy


Warm Up:

SSH  IC x25

Imperial walkers IC x25

25 Burpees OYO

Big arm Circles IC 15fwd, 15 rev

Merkins OYO 30


Mosey to the road and partner for Catch me if you can

1 pax begins running, while partner does 2 burpees and runs to catch his partner.  Once he reaches him partner 2 does 2 burpees while partner 1 continues to run.  Repeat as we go.  .24 miles down, .24 miles back.  Extra credit to Whip for making Gambit sprint!!

Mosey back to track for a Reverse Pyramid( Technically 1/2 a reverse pyramid, bc we ran out of time)

The Thang 

Reverse Pyramid:  Perform exercises with a .33 mile lap in between each set.  Rep numbers as follows

100 squats  – lap

80 LBC’s  – lap

60 Merkins – lap

40 Monkey Humpers – lap

20 Burpees – Lap

40 Monkey Humpers

60 merkins

80 LBC’s

100 Squats

Unfortunately, due to time, we only made it through burpees.  Ill save the other half of the pyramid for a Saturday Q!!


Announcements : 2nd F opportunity today at noon at Giuseppe’s in Bluffton

P 200 Prep:  Race isn’t until March, but Judy is getting teams together in September.  This is a great race, you will not be disappointed. Unless you like to sleep!  Sign up on the P2oo tab on the Q sheet

As infrequently as I do it, I love to Q!  If you haven’t tried it yet, your missing out.  Step up and give it a try.

12 gauge out!

Remember, push ups don’t suck, if you pretend your bench pressing the world!!

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