Plan B

Workout: 8.22.17

Conditions: 82, high humidity

PAX: Dwight, Flowride, Scissor hands, Soul finger, Yank ‘Em,, Coach K, Mr. Clean, Ray, Paladin, Handy Man, Madoff, Valley Girl, Nancy Drew, Slick Rick, Ricky Bobby, Big Perm, Chomp, Urkel,

Crop Duster-QIC

Q arrived early to scope out the football field and bleachers. Unfortunately, after checking every gate Q came to the conclusion that all entrances were locked and Q had to think fast and come up with a Plan B for today.


25 x SSH  IC

20 ea x Arm Circles IC

25 x TTT IC

PAX breaks to perform 5 pull ups, then continues with a slow mosey to across the parking lot, at each of the 3 light poles the pax performs 10 x Burpees (Totaling: 30)

The Thang:


The PAX breaks up into two groups. The first group starts the run and the second group starts with the workout at the entrance of the school.

Group 1 Starts with the following on the wall:

10 x Box Jump

20 x Derkins

30 x Sqauts

Group 2 Starts with:

Mosey around Parking lot. At the turn mid-way through the run, group performs walking squats around the bend.

As we close out the AMRAP, the Pax circled up around the circle in the parking lot for a little tag / Guantanamo

Rules:  On First lap, one person gets up performs typical Guantanamo, as they approach their original location they perform 10 merkins and tag next person and race back to original location around the circle. Note if next person tags the first they will have to perform 10 burpees. This process continues around the circle. If member of the PAX needs to drop their feet, they will need to perform LBC’s until their legs are raised once again.

As time neared to a close, the PAX mosey’d back to the pad.



-Launch of Beaufort AO next Sat, 8/26. THERE IS NO BLUFFTON WORKOUT next week; everyone is to converge on the Beaufort launch in Henry Chambers Waterfront Park in downtown Beaufort (park at the marina end of the park).


Based on GPS, total run distance = 2.1 miles

It is always a privilege to get to lead this group. #ISI #SYITG

Crop Duster, OUT!

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