Chumbawumba As Bad As Ever 20 Years Later

When: 09/02/17

QIC: Floride

The PAX: Dwight, Kiffen, Stones, Boomer Sooner!, Lil’ Cena FNG (Jude), Whipperwill, Spackle FNG (Rafael), Harvey, Peaches, Porky, Dabo, Big Easy, Chumbucket, Floride (QIC)

Conditions: 73 degrees

F3 stand for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. 

I am not a trained professional, workout at your own risk.  Push yourself and the man next to you.  Modify exercise as needed.

Dynamic Warm-up:
IC (unless otherwise stated)
– SSH x16

— Thru the tunnel x15

–Imperial Walkers x 15

— Arm circles x10fwd/10rev


PAX did continuous SSH when the painful auditory noise that is Chumbawamba “Tubthumping” began playing.  Everytime “I get knocked down” was said, PAX did a burpee.  20 burpees and 4 minutes of SSH.  Miserable song in general- won’t be using this again.  Thanks to PAX for not leaving at this point.

Mountain Climber Mile:

Mosey from basketball courts towards Church of Cross.

-Mountain Climbers IC x10

-Mountain Climbers IC x10

11’s:  10 Durkins, 1 Dip, 9 Durkins, 2, Dips…

Mosey back from Church of Cross to MOB

The Thang (4 Corners at basketball court, 10 Circuits total):
– Break up into 4 even groups
– Corner 1: 10 Merkins then run long length of court to Corner 2
– Corner 2: 10 Squats + 10 Over head presses then run to center of court, backpedal to Corner 3
– Corner 3: 10 Plank Jacks then run length of court to Corner 4
– Corner 4 :  10 LBCs then run to center of court, backpedal to Corner 1
– Rinse, lather, repeat x 10


-1 overhead press, 1 merkin, 2 overhead press, 2 merking…up to 5 and back down to 1

“Mary” (Kind of)

– Bicycles IC x 20

-60 degree/6 inch leg lifts

– Superman, Ironman, Spiderman

At this point my Hampton math skills and oxygen deprivation was telling me 55 minutes make up an hour.  Dabo had other plans…TAKEOVER!

– Flutter Kicks x infinity

– American Hammer x 20

– Canoe/Boat x 15

-Low Plank


I’m thankful that Big Easy led me to F3.  I’m getting in better shape but improving in all aspects of life, better employer and better husband.  Thanks to all who continue to check in with me if I don’t post after a few days and encourage me to get back out there.


– Kiffen’s family as their family seeks to adopt.

-Porky’s wife is 5 weeks until delivery.  Pray for a healthy delivery.

–Thinking about Jack Sparrow.

6 PAX continued for coffee at Corner Perk afterwards to discuss hallucinations and what to do in the event a bear wants to sleep with you in your tent.

Go Cocks.  Don’t forget to floss.

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