B tt W 4X4 and David Lee Roth




80 – between showers – overcast and wet


Mr. Roboto, Sunshine, Grape Juice, Crack, Conroy


SSH x 30 IC

IW x 30

TTT x 15 IC

Toe Touches X 15

30 American Hammer

30 Flutter Kicks

15 each air chair Little baby arm circles front and back, raise the roof and overhead clap

Indian Run through downtown back to Waterfront park to Pad o Pain


Balls to the Wall X 1 minute, air chair x 1 minute

BTTW x 45 sec, air chair 45 sec

BTTW x 30 sec, air chair 30 sec

BTTW x 15 sec, air chair 15 sec

4X4 – 4 Merkens then 4 Mountain Climbers X 4 = 1 round. Rinse Wash Repeat x 10 rounds then modified to 5 rounds.

Mosey to end of water front park (WFP) then alternating jailbreak to walk at every other light post – back to pad of pain


superman,batman, iron man, superman, batman, ironman

24 flutter kicks – cadence by Crack

15 Burpies in cadence with Cadence alternating to each Pax

Mosie back to Anchor



Prayers for people of Las Vegas.


-Quote of the day: the bridge between your dreams and reality is discipline.

-noticeable mumble chatter could be heard about balls to the wall as well as extended Calisthenics. Nothing like Monday morning

-Keep EH’ing guys; do not accept no as an answer…you know that they need it. This is more than a workout – goal to have 3 new FNGs this week

Got sign up to q commitments and committed to bringing schedule.

It’s always an honor to lead these Pax. Thank you all for pushing me.



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