AMRAPping through the park

QIC:  Diapers

The PAX:  Spalding,  Shingles, Spicoli, Chum Bucket, Meat Gazer, Welcome FNG Hardhat (Bryan Jacoby) and LazyBoy visiting from F3 Knoxville, Diapers (QIC)

Conditions: 70 something wand still humid


IC (unless otherwise stated)
– SSH x35

– TTT x 15

– EW x 15

– WM x 15

– 5 Burpees OYO

-Mosey 1 lap around the park

The Thang:
AMRAP full loop with

Derkins x 15 @ performance pavilion

Lunge Walk first half of marsh walk to circle

Bear Crawl @ 2nd half of marsh walk

Max Pull ups @ playground

Step ups x 15 each leg at entry plaza

Dips x 15 at entry plaza

Rinse and Repeat

(all got three laps minimum)

LBC x 50 OYO

Low Plank x 10 IC

Back Scratchers x 30 IC

High Plank x 10 IC

Hello Dolly x 30 IC

Right hand plank x 10 IC

Jingle Balls x 25 IC

Left hand plank x 10 IC

American Hammers x 20 IC

Plank to finish



Latin American Festival in Shelter Cove Park Oct 14

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Welcome to Hardhat – It was a pleasure being with you boys on the island.  Always appreciate the opportunity to be among you men who push me and make me better. Keep up the good work.

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