2 Pax Saturday –

Weather – 75 with nice cool breeze – overcast.


Pax – Conroy & Mr. Roboto


SSH x 21 -4 ct IC

IW x 24 -4 ct IC

TTT x 20 – 4 ct IC

LB arm roll x 10 fwd and backward  4 ct IC

Raise the Roof x 20 4 ct IC

Mr Roboto took the q


mosey to 2nd grass pad

11s – paddy cake Merkins and dips with grass drags in between – modified to mosey between when Mr. Roboto injured his back trying to drag Controy who is not light.

Blackjack – 21, same mosey between gas pumpers and grass jumpers.

Q – back to Conroy – mosey to end of the Park for curb crawl – 10 Derkins then bear crawl to other curb – 9 Derkins then back – reducing count by 1 at each curb

mosey back to anchor- each pax grabbed 15  dumbbells on back raise one hand in fron with dumbbell in it so that it is straight in front  – other arm straight out on the ground. 9 leg lifts – switch arms holding dubell 9 more leg lifts – 8 on each arm then 7 each – down to 5 when time expired and groaning hit crescendo.

COT – thankful for fine morning.

Out – great start to day.


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