Fountainhead Q at th Anchor – brought the pain

Date: 10/13/17
Q: Fountainhead
Pax: GrapeJuice, Crack, Conroy, Khaki, Scuba, Sunshine, Mr.Roboto, Otter & F’head

One of the great privileges in periodically visiting other towns around the southeast is making connections with brothers of another region. This morning was such a morning as YHC was spending the night ahead of a couple morning meetings in @F3Beaufort’s backyard. I’d planned to merely show up but the ever hospitable Beaufort #Faithful offered me the Q… so here’s is what it cost them this fine morning.

Conditions: Warm for October but with an easy breeze off the water.


Mosey to the ethereal gazebo (I’m sure they must have named it by now) for a little warmup COP:
SSH X 20, 4CT IC
Imperial Walkers X 20, 4CT IC
Squats X 20, 4CT IC
LBCs X 20, 4CT IC
Mercans X 10, 4CT IC
SkyUps X 20, OYO

From there a Burpee set was explained that became something of the theme of the morning. The warf, as it faces the water, is roughly a quarter mile long and broken up into roughly 12’ squares along the way. YHC wanted to do a burpee in each one and, but for the last section, pretty well checked that box. It began like so:

Line up where the wharf walk widens in front of the ethereal gazebo and do a burpee in every square to the end of the bench wall (roughly 14 burpees)

Then we Moseyed around the back of the bench wall for an experiment:
Double Box Jumps X 20, OYO
Moseying back out to the wharf we continued our burpee route to the end of the middle of the field opening.

Then DORA was called as the #Faithful partnered up for some sprints, situps and a whole bunch of something else. From the wharf, Partner 1 sprinted to the flag pole and did 5 situps before coming back to relieve his partner. Partner 2 meanwhile AMRAPed a called count of something bad. Each pair had to complete the total rep count, alternating between running and staying put. Those called exercises were:
150 Mercans
150 Squats
150 LBCs

Plank was called between each set and, at the end, as everyone collected themselves peoples chair was called against the wharf bollards… which provide a highly useful little detail.

More burpees. From there we took on our longest burpee series, at least another 20 but more likely 25 burpees, headed all the way to the graveyard ring. Again, the pax probably have a name for this spot but it’s a circular brick walk with what look like headstones facing outward every 15 degrees or so rotation. Just the right size for a bear crawl around the ring.

As, again, the pax assembled the early arrivals did planked with their feet on the wharf chains. That’s a slightly decline plank but with feet on a subtly moving chain helping rub in the ache.

Sadly, time was not on our side and the pax declined my offer for an extra 15 minutes that morning. So, to get back to where it all began quickly, a jailbreak was called back to the wall where the double box jumps were called. Trying to kill the clock but overshooting the mark, 20 Flutter Kicks were called 4 Count, In Cadence.

Finally, we headed back to the shovel flag to wrap things up just a hair past the scheduled deadline.


Thanks again for having me at @F3Beaufort and letting me lead the pax this morning. With 9 on hand, you’ve got a really good thing underway. And who can complain about the location? Plush grass, walls and steps, a playground with a view… I’ve seen a lot of AO’s but few rival your outdoor gym.

P200. If you haven’t considered a little fellowship run, the Palmetto 200 is a great way to train for a good even while also getting a great weekend out of the deal. Hundreds and hundreds of F3 guys from all over the place come together to make the run from Columbia to Charleston. If you can hop on a team, I highly urge you to set that goal and make the trip.

Lastly, reach out to a neighbor, co-worker, church buddy, whoever. There are few men who can’t benefit from the Fitness, Fellowship and Faith we have to offer. This week I’ve worked out with an 18 year old and a 68 year old… so there’s no age group that’s outside our pax. Stretch yourself a bit and put something good in the life of another man.


F3 Fountainhead
AKA: John K. Powell
Cell: 803-730-2101

Sent while doing Burpees, please excuse any typos.

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