Rugby style Flag Football



Weather – 75 degrees quite Pleasant

Q: Big Perm

PAX:  Shingles, BilboBaggins, Madoff, Mr. Clean, Dabo, Kiffin, Springbok, Toothless, moped, Squid, Flowride

Warm up:

A lot of leg stretching!

The Thang:

Devide into two teams of 6. Strap on flags and for some F3 style flag football.


Every 1st down=5 burpees

Every turn over=5 burpees

Every time you cross midfield=5burpees

Score in North end zone=15 Big boys

Score in South end zone =15 V-ups




Springbok will be moving at the end of October. He will be going to South Africa then returning to sail on the East Coast. (What an amazing person and great example of “living life to the fullest”.


Shingles’ friend, who moved recently to Naples, lost his young daughter yesterday to cancer. Please pray for family!

Pray for Springbok as he opens new chapter in life.


1.Springbok does not need flags to play flag football. His rugby roots run deep. Just ask Toothless!

2.light is helpful when playing football. Hard to catch a ball when you can’t see it. Luckily sun helped out after 15 minutes. shoes, wet grass, sharp turns= pulled muscles. Right Madoff?

4.Kiffin and BilbowBaggins can go from 0to50 in zero seconds.

5. end zone celebrations need a little work……ok a lot of work.

6. Mr Clean runs faster backwards.


What a great way to start a Saturday!



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