It’s how we play Bridge at #TheYachtClub



63 degrees w/ little humidity, 0-5kts NNE


Shingles, Chumbucket, Hard Hat, Narco (FNG), Meat Gazer, Spaulding, Squid-QIC


SSH x 30 IC

TTT x 15 IC

AC x 15/15 IC

Short mosey around the Kroger (the 2 acres under roof with a huge paved parking lot, right beside the marsh but painted earth tones because Hilton Head is an environmentally-minded town…thanks Stones),


PAX circle up at the Pavillion and each draws an even number of cards from the deck. The suits each represent an exercise:

Spades = Burpees

Hearts = BBSUs

Clubs = Squats

Diamonds = Merkins

One at a time, the PAX reveal a card to call the exercise/reps for the group. The reps are based on the face value…usually.

A = 14

K = 13

Q = 12

J = 11

10 = 10…and so on, until you get to the lower cards. Because F3 is for manly men:

4 = 20 Flutters IC

3 = .25mi lap around the AO

2 = Suicide

Jokers = 5 ea of the above exercises

When our time was up (poor time management by the Q), the PAX were 6 cards short of completing the deck. Of those remaining six cards were 14 Burpees and three .25mi laps around the AO. These were duly noted and will be re-visited.

0 MOM:

Pointless, anyway


Welcome Narco!



-Chumbucket arrived home from a work trip after midnight and posted at 0515. I hope those who make excuses about fartsacking are embarrassed.

-Spaulding is an EH pro…he’s shown up with two FNGs in the past week. Who can you ask today?

-Meat Gazer lives in Bluffton, had a 0730 work commitment and posted on HHI at 0515…now the excuses by others seem even MORE ridiculous.

-Running short on time and a card comes up requiring a .25mi lap. Shingles (who talks about hating to run) says, “We’re short on time, follow me.” Due to the time comment, I expected a shortcut through the park. Instead, Shingles pushed a STRONG pace for the whole lap. T-CLAPS!

Leading this group is always rewarding. We have something good here. #ISI #F3counts

Squid, OUT


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