Suicide Monday


Anchor –

75 degrees – overcast – no breeze – slight dampness on ground – nice

Pax – Conroy, Crack, Otter, Grape Juice, Mr. Roboto


SSH x 24 IC

TTT x 15 IC

IW x 20 IC

Air Chair – AC forward x 10, backward, 10 raise roof, 10 overhead clap – recover

mosey to front of park with Frankenstein and reverse mosey along the way


11 small American Flags set up ~ 10 yards apart – 6 Gorilla Humpers

On base line each time.

1st flag – 10 Burpees IC

Baseline – 6GH

2nd flag – 20 V-ups

Baseline 6GH

3rd Flag – 30 Merkins

Baseline 6GH

4th Flag – 40 Squats

Baseline 6GH

5th Flag – 50 Little Baby Crunchs

Baseline 6GH

6 Flag – 40 Squats

Baseline 6GH

7 Flag – 30 Merkins

Baseline 6GH

8 Flag – 20 V ups

Baseline 6GH

9 Flag – 10 Burpees

Baseline 6GH

Suicide 10,20, 30, 40, 50 – q audibled mercy

partner up – with Otter planking – Wheelbarrow 4 corners course and back

4 corners

bear crawl square, then lunge, then Bearcrawl and crab crawl combined

20 mountain climbers 4 count IC


MOM – no rest

20 Flutter kick – 4 count IC

Super man 1 minute

Iron man 1 minute

Superman 30 sec.

Ironman 30 sec

COT – thankful for time – and getting better

Moleskin: not much mumble chatter from Pax today. Decided to do Suicide in Candence and that left q a little out of breath but strong finish together was outstanding. Grape Juice continues to have fresh legs and is running after session – strong.

Discussed FNG recruitment and poor turnout on Saturdays – decided to move time to 7:30. Otter to take q on Wednesday. Mr. Roboto on Friday and Crack and Conroy to Q together this Saturday.

Crack suggested 2nd Q event that will be discussed more this week.

All Pax committed to EH FNG this week and get them out there. Looking forward to return of Cocky and Sitter and Sunshine on Wednesday – Also where is Scuba???

Super to get week started Q ing  great group of men –


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