Long Merkin Ladder

Date: 10/25/2017

Conditions: Cool/Crisp/Clear 51 degrees – no wind – no clouds – low Humidity – Not sure if it could be any better

Pax:  Swanson, Gambit, Buckeye, Hostilo, Mr Clean, Big Perm, Madoff, Scissorhands, Judge Judy, Big Easy, Squid, Peaches, Kiffin, Diapers, Chumbucket, Spaulding, Ray, Bilbo Baggins, Compost, Dabo(QIC)


SSH x 30 IC

TTT x 15 IC

Arm circles forward x 15 IC

Arm circles backward x 15 IC

Dual Line Indian Run to COTC

Wall of Fire – All Pax assume the Derkin Position along the wall in front of the Church, 1st pax does 2 derkins, next pax continues until we reach the other end of the line, increase count to 4 derkins, then 6, 8, 10 – Early Crowdpleaser!

The Thang:

Long Climb up the Merkin Ladder


Pair up for acCOUNTability and partner motivation

Begining at the End of Calhoun Street – 2 merkins, mosey the length of each block, add 2 more merkins to the count at each block, continue the entire length of Calhoun street until May river Rd, then return, continuing to add 2 merkins at each block.

The Start: 2 Merkins

Water Street: 4 Merkins

Allen Street: 6 Merkins

Bridge Street: 8 Merkins

Green Street(Yes Green Street): 10 Merkins

Lawrence Street: 12 Merkins

Lawton Street: 14 Merkins

Church Street: 16 Merkins

May River Rd: 18 Merkins

Church Street: 20 Merkins

Lawton Street: 22 Merkins

Lawrence Street: 24 Merkins

Green Street(Yes Green Street – Again!): 26 Merkins

Bridge Street: 28 Merkins

Allen Street: 30 Merkins

Water Street: 32 Merkins

Assist the 6 as a group  –

Two Line Indian Run – back to the flag.


American Hammers x 40 IC

Tempo Merkins(Crowd Pleaser) x 10 IC

Flutters x 50 IC

Done! Great Job!



Continue to recruit for P200. We have 4 teams, looking to fill 5.

Spaulding Calling for more EC’s to the Yacht Club and HH in general.

Spaulding with VQ @ The Yacht Club Thursday –

Michael Bolton with BornAgainVQ @ The Buck Thursday –



T-Claps to the guys(Judy, Gambit, Buckeye) that did 4mi EC run prior to workout this morning – Those extra miles seemed to impact the merkins a lot more than the moseys.

Peaches has a secret hatred for Green Street – Must remember this for future use.

Thankful for opportunity, thankful for the ability, thankful for the support of the F3 brothers.

DABO out!

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