Saturday in the park

Conditions 65ish – nice

PAX – Cocky, Mr. Roboto, Conroy (coQ) and Crack (CoQ)

SSH – 50 IC

TTT – 15 IC

15 arm circles front, back, raise the roof and overhead claps continuously while in Air Chair position

1 minute plank – then hold 20 seconds facing left then back to middle plank for 20 sec and 20 sec for right

mosey to grassy area in front of flags –

Thing –

Ring of fire. Each PAX 1 merkin, then 2, then 3 up to 10 planking when not doing merkins.

Mosey to bridge – Run to top of bridge – 20 walking lunges to other side – 20 Burpees run back to top – 20 lunges – back to start down bridge – 15 Burpees – back to top – 20 lunges – back to other side – 10 Burpees – to top 20 lunges – back to starting lin – 5 Burpees.


Run around the block and stop in front of cannons – Crack takes over Q –


30 Flutter kicks IC

Run 1/2 around the block – 30 American Hammer on curb IC

Mosey through park

– set of 10 double box jumps on steps

– Set of 10 triple box jumps and down

Mosey to Anchor until Jailbreak called with Mr. Roboto leading.

Count and COT

good push by all – discussed need to get more FNG – all committed to spreading the word.

Thankful that we are doing this,


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