Almost Frosty Stones

Conditions:  A cool 39 degrees with clear skies and no humidity. It still didn’t stop Squid from wearing his “I’m about to show you something” shorts.
Pax: Diapers, Peaches, Romo, Ray, Big Perm, Coach K, Stones, Chumbucket, Squid, UGA XI (FNG Matt Schlabs), Swanson (QIC)
Gave the Disclaimer and explained F3 to the FNG
Warm Up:
20 – SSH
15 – TTT
Partner up (for Mosey)
Mosey to COTC (Bus Lot)
The Thang:
Have partner 1 pick up a stone from the inner circle of the bus lot. When I posted in Charlotte (Anvil) we used stones all the time, I felt it was time to start it here.
I explained that this was a modified Flora 1-2-3
1st Pax does rep while 2nd Pax runs the loop until all reps are completed
100 overhead tricep presses with stone
150 merkins with stone, alternating (diamond merkins) and derkins
200 Shoulder Presses with stone
250 squats with stone
At this point YHC had another 20 minutes to fill so we added Big Boy Pushups but after 2 rounds I made everyone start back at the beginning (Rookie Scheduling)
Checked the time after numerous complaints about how cold it was and wondered why I didn’t warm the stones up first.
Pax mosey back to the flag, planked for the six (guess who)
With 10 minutes left we had a little MARY (I guess I’m not as perfect as Stones with his 7 minutes) I knew I could get one in but needed a little help
Swanson – Alphabet
Diapers – American Hammers x 30 (or 40 I lost count) IC
Stones – Flutters x 30 IC
Announcements: None (I guess it was too cold for anyone to talk)
Squid was unfortunately downwind from YHC, he asked if I ate rotten skunk for dinner last night, sorry about that brother.
YHC was a little nervous with this being my first Q, but I think all of the jitters turned into adrenaline with the first cadence.
It was an honor to Q this morning for the 10 other Pax that resisted the fartsack. I will make sure to check the 10-day forecast next time so I don’t pick the coldest morning of the year.
Swanson Out!

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