Good, Better, Best

Workout Quote – “Good, Better, Best.  Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best. – St. Jerome 347-420

Conditions – Foggy 64 U2 morning- Pax – ready

PAX – 8 – Conroy, Crack, Scuba, Grape Juice, Trim, Cardiac, Sunshine, and Mr. Roboto


Alternating Toe Touches 4 ct IC x 20

TTT 4 ct IC x20

Mosey to Grassy knowl in front of Sea Island Inn – Workout Quote recited during mosey met with much verbal-eye rolling and some Dr. Suess comments, but referred to progressively  as Session evolved.

SSH x 24

IW x 24

High kneed Up- Downs with roll to right in the wet grass at the drop command then right back up to high knees then same to left x5 each way. This new exercise met with mumble chatter from Roboto that someone was going to get killed – but new exercise energized the group.

Mosey to west street Alternating between shuffle, backwards and jog

The Thang

Curb Crawl – on West Street – 10 Derkins Bearcrawl to opposite curb 9 Derkins back all the way down to 1 Derkin.

Pax all lined up in Air Chair while 1 Pax ran to other curb for 10 4ct American Hammers on Curb then next Pax until all 8 had done AHs

Mosey to bridge

Bridge Work

16 Body Builder Burpees with PAX alternating cadence – Run to top of Bridge

20 Deep and Contemplative Squats at top of bridge – Run Down

8 regular Burpees then to top of bridge

20 Squats At top then run down

8 Burpees at bottom

Hang from pull-up bar in playground 4 at a time until 1 man dropped – other 4 Pax LBC – switch

Alternating sprints

10 tempo Swing set Derkins – feet on swings

4 man sprints from last parking place  parking lot to Crack’s truck

COT – Welcomed back Scuba from 2 week National Guard training

Discussed Q Sign up and filled November claendar

Prayer focusing on getting better.

Moleskin – Observations – Sunshine took off like a shot during bridge work yellling that he was getting better and encouraging others. Crack enjoys bridge work. Attitudes outstanding among the Pax. Great to have 2 FNG’ from last week show up again today – missed Otter, Cocky, Sitter, Khaki, Rev, Bellhop, Molar and others that did not post. Great job recruiting goes out to Grape Juice who is outpacing all others. 2-3 more this week would be impressive from rest


Clark Robinson




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