Houston…We have a problem…Trivia?

Theme of today’s workout was to congratulate the 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros.  I was unaware that maybe we didn’t have many baseball fans in the group.   The exercises spelled H.O.U.S.T.O.N.  A.S.T.R.O.S.  W.S.  2017.  To the details…

Date: 11/8/17

Conditions: 62 degrees,  calm, little overcast

PAX: Beuler, ChumBucket, Spalding, Cubby, FootLong, Joker, Peaches, Dwight, Swanson, 12 Gauge, AlGore, SlimShady, SissorHands, Diapers, Gambit, SoulFinger, FloRidda, ValleyGirl, Paladin, Mr. Clean, Madoff, Ray(QIC)


  • 20 SSH
  • 17 Through the tunnel
  • 20Baby Arm Circles
  • 17 Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

  • Mosey around small loop and back to the basketball court
  • Half group perform wall sit, while other half do suicide, wall sit until entire group done, then switch
  • Hurley’s 38, 2 laps as J.R. Richard holds the Houston record with 313 strikeouts in a season 38 years ago, return with
    • Alternating Shoulder Taps until the group returns, then do 5 more together
  • One legged Burpees 13, seasons since the Astros first playoff series victory over the Atlanta Braves, 2 laps, returns with
    • Starjack Burpees until the group returns, then do 5 more together
  • Under the fence 20, seasons Craig Biggio played, leading them in games, hits, doubles, 1 lap, return with
    • Travolta merkins until the group returns, then do 5 more together
  • Stagger Merkins 33, seasons since their first Cy Young Award winner Michael Scott, 2 laps, return with
    • Reverse baby crunches until the group returns, then do 5 more together
  • Tempo Merkins 18, years since the Astrodome closed, 2 laps, return with
    • Overhead claps until the group returns, then do 5 more together
  • Overhead Presses 56, years the Houston franchise has existed, began as Colt 45’s, Jetson’s had a dog named Astro, 1 lap, return with
    • Spiderman push ups until the group returns, then do 5 more together
  • Nolan Ryan’s 23, seasons since Houston’s first MVP, Jeff Bagwell
  • We are so fast, lets do some more.  Half group does balls to the wall, other half do suicide, then switch


  • 20 Wide legged situps, trying to reach the sky, then your toes
  • 17 Sissors, one leg 6 inches off the ground, other at 90 degrees, then switch


  • Oyster roast on Saturday November 18th
  • New T-shirts for sale on the web site for the Yacht club
  • Happy Hour 11/9/17 at Fat Patty’s
  • Black Sheep softball on to the Playoffs!


  • Handy Manny’s father is having surgery


  • not much on the mumblechatter front, I was having too much difficulty trying to properly spell 6 and 7 letter words
  • the trivia should be correct, but always confusing with number of years since vs. number of seasons since, so numbers may be off one or 2
  • next time all answers will have to be in the form of a question.  Jeopardy!
  • thanks for the chance to lead…Ray out

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