Backblast or Else….



50 degrees, clear skies, low humidity, NNE 9 mph


PAX: 19

Deez Nuts, Soul Glow, Dave Ramsey, Soul Finger, Moped, Mr. Clean, Coach K, Paladin, Big Perm, Handy Manny, Big Spur, Ray, Ball Cock, Bilbo Baggins, Doo Doo, Michael Bolton, Dwight, FNG – Bieber, Sawed Off – QIC.



SSH x 30 IC

IW x 25 IC

AC x 20/20 IC

TTT x 15 IC

MC x 10 IC

Q is commandeered by Michael Bolton and address to group is as follows:

“I don’t Q-jack lightly, we all take time from our day to put together a plan for our Q and I think the least we can do is let you lead it your way. Thats said, SSH in cadence. Ready exercise…110…
Now that I have everyone’s attention…
Stepping up to Q pulls many of us up individually from the group of Pax in the gloom and put us on the spot to act as leaders. As uncomfortable as it may be, Qing pushes us and reminds us to be leaders in our everyday lives, for our family, our jobs our community and for ourselves.
This model works because it in part Stands in ceremony and a little bit of structure. When we skip in that ceremony or structure we are not just shorting ourselves of the full experience of leading this group of men, but we’re shorting other potential leaders in the PAX ad watering dwn the whole experience.
As insignificant as it may seem back blasts are an important part of the lead as well as pre and post workout announcement on social media. It serves a record of PAX, workout, random observations, announcements, and prayers requests not just for those who posted, but for all PAX in the region that couldn’t make it. It also serves as another form of the glue we talk about. If a PAX doesn’t post for a while and continually sees the social media posts, the Back Blasts etc. that may draw tht PAX back to the gloom where he was otherwise unreachable. If you need help with either of these let me or someone else know.”


Mosey to front steps of school.



ALARMs x 4 circuits

A – Arms – Dips x 20

L – Legs – Box Jumps x 20

A – Abs – Big Boys x 20

R – Run – 1/4 mile lap around parking lot

M – Misc – “Daft Punk” x 10 (forward lunge, side lung backward lunge, each leg, counts as 1 rep)


Mosey back to pad


Ring of Fire

1 pax starts with 10 merkins while group does alternating shoulder taps.  Continue in counter clockwise rotation until all pax have done 10 merkins.







Palmetto 200 meeting tomorrow night at British Open Pub, 6:00pm.  French fries with gravy will be served as we discuss training for a cross state marathon.

We need more accountability with Backblasts.






  1. Welcome Bieber.  Keep showing up.
  2. Lots of giggling during the warm up.  I think Deez Nuts and Big Spur were having a tickle fight.
  3. Michael Bolton suggests tomorrow’s meeting is at 7:00pm.  If you’re all an hour late, he’ll have already signed up for the preferred legs along the route.
  4. Dave Ramsey missed out on the 140 SSH, but we’ll let it slide as he helped a lady who’d run out of gas.  You get a good Samaritan pass, this time.
  5. For those who have not taken the Q, heed the advice of revered coach Butch Jones: “get some leadership reps.”  If you’re apprehensive, ask someone to co-Q with you.


Sawed Off out.

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