A Tour of the Marina

Date: 11-28-2017

Conditions: Cool/Cloudy/No Wind/Low Humidity – Not sure if it could be any better

PAX: Chumbucket, Shingles, Go Daddy, JV, Narco, Spaghetti,  Pesci, Meat Gazer, Bartman, Spaulding(QIC)

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, don’t hurt yourself, modify if necessary.  Push yourself and the guy next to you.

Warm up:

  • SSH x 31 IC
  • TTT x 15 IC
  • BAC’s forward and backward x 15 or 16 IC
  • 10 Burpee’s OYO
  • Indian Run to King Neptune
  • Circle of Fire – All PAX assume the Derkin Position around King Neptune.  1st PAX does 2 derkins, next PAX continues until we go around the circle, then increase the count to 4 derkins, then 6,8,and 10.
  • Mosey over to the Service Dock near the Marina Store

The Thang:

  • Pair up for acCOUNTability and motivation
  • Beginning at the Service Dock – 2 merkins, 2 LBC’s and 2 squats then mosey to Dock A
  • Add 2 more to each exercise at each Dock
  • Continue around the marina stopping at each Dock until you reach the Disney Bridge
  • Dock A – 4 merkins, 4 LBC’s, 4 squats
  • Dock B – 6 merkins, 6 LBC’s, 6 squats
  • and so on…..yes there are two Dock C’s
  • Once you reach the bridge you should be at 22 merkins, 22 LBC’s, 22 squats
  • Bear Crawl across Disney bridge and mosey back
  • Mosey back to the Flag


No time left

COR, NOR, Name our FNG


  • December Q sheet is on the site….sign up for a Q.
  • Standing Saturday workout at the Yacht Club
  • Reminder to bring 2 email addresses each day for JV for recuritment

Prayer Requests:


  • Thanks to Shingles helping Narco get back to the flag
  • Shingles was pretty confident he saw Squids car leaving the AO before the workout started?
  • It’s always good once in a while if the Yacht Club actually visits the marina
  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead

Always a pleasure,


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