3+ Mile Suicide


Damp, Cool 52 Degrees of Gloomy Bliss



Chum Bucket, Spaulding, Urkel, Hard Hat, Peaches, Swanson, Paris, Romo, Diapers, Squealer, Scissorhands, Dabo(QIC)


Warm Up:

  • SSH IC x 25
  • TTT IC x 15
  • Indian Run to Church of the Cross(avoid getting run over)
  • 50 Dips on the wall, OYO

The Thang:

1 Suicide – Easy right?

Pick a Partner, but choose wisely, pick one of equal or similar running ability. (At this point, most PAX slowly side stepped away from Peaches)

In 2 man teams, Beginning at Corner of Calhoun and Water Street, 5 merkins and run to Allen St and back to Water, 10 merkins and run to Bridge Street and back to Water, 15 Merkins and run to Green Street(Yes Green street Peaches) and back to Water, 20 Merkins and run to Lawton Street and back to Water, 25 Merkins and run to Lawrence Street and back to Water, 30 Merkins and run to Lawrence Street and back to Water, 35 Merkins and run to May River Rd and back to Water, finish with 40 Merkins.

4 Teams made the entire trip, 2 teams made all but the last lap, but All remaining PAX worked through most of a Lt Dan while waiting for the remaining teams to finish up.

Quick Indian Run back to the AO


6MOM: It’s 6:01 – no time for that!


COR, NOR, Announcements, Prayer Requests


  • Total Mileage logged today ranged from 3.2 to 4.0 depending on how many trips down Calhoun were made – Great Job
  • Many of those ‘marathon trainers’ have been using the ‘fear of injury’ as an excuse not to post, Not Peaches, Peaches spits in the face of fear – Nice Work, keep it up
  • YHC was fortunate to partner up with Swanson this am and learn about his old AO(South Charlotte) apparently they are a bunch of sadistic SOB’s there, maybe we need to step up our game a little bit here in the Lowcountry and push that rock a little harder….
  • Chumbucket, Romo, Paris, and Dabo were in the gloom this morning with a little extra bitterness after a tough loss Tuesday evening in a highly competitive Bronze League Softball game that we lost to a bunch of millennials….
  • There is now a Dabo Ornament on the Shovel Tree, Want one of your own? Step up and Q! T-Claps to Urkel for the initiative, creativity, and leadership drive. #HIM
  • Its always a Honor and Privilege to lead the group, thank you for the opportunity.

Until the next time, Dabo out!

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