Anchor – Backward Bear Crawl Ring of Fire with Coupon

The Anchor – Monday , November 27, 2017

Conditions: 45 degrees – dew prevalent – no breeze – slight fog drifts

PAX – 7 – Trim, Cardiac, Grape Juice, Mr. Roboto, Cocky, Khaki, Conroy

Disclaimer – I am not a professional – modify, don’t get hurt. Push your parter, no man left behind

Warm up

Mosey to large green space with flags in the middle of the park.

TTT – slow 4ct IC x 15
SSH 4ct IC x 30
IW – 4 ct IC x 24
Plank jacks 4 ct IC x 20
Smuf Jacks 4 ct IC x 15
Crab Jacks 4 ct IC x 10
some mumble chatter is heard

The Thang

PAX mosey to the front of Q to pick up coupon in form of 8.8 – 10 lb discuss/ frisbee (cast iron weight plate) then mosey back to the center of cold dewey grassy area.

Backward bear crawl circle of fire with coupon

PAX form a tight circle where Q explains that we will be performing Merkins in regular circle of fire style but with each merkin, PAX will take corresponding # of bear crawl steps backward out from the center encouraging loud cadence as PAX will be very spread out at the end. Q then states that the coupon should be with all PAX for the entirety of the Circle of Fire preferably on PAX back. Conroy then performs first Merkin with plate on back and it immediately falls off on to left hand – drawing cry of pain, some blood, laughter and some “I thought so’s” as Conroy endures the strife.

1 merkin – 1 bear crawl step backwards – while others plank – then next PAX does same until all have completed
2 merkins – 2 bear crawl steps backwards and so on until all pax have reached 10 merkins and 10 backward bear crawl steps – then all bear crawl forward back to center with weight in tow most throwing in front of them every few steps

This exercise is awkward, difficult and somewhat disjointed – perfect for this group.

Mosey to Woods Bridge.

Shoulder shreds at base (Alternating shoulder taps, then hips, then knees, then ankles OYO x 10 pick up coupon and run to top of bridge

10 patty cake merkins with partner 1/2 PAX run back down same side and other half run over to Lady’s Island side –
10 Burpees at bottom
Run back to top
10 patty cake merkins and exchange coupons
Run back to Beaufort side.
10 Shoulder shredders

Mosey back to parking lot dropping off weights on the way in secret spot.

Jailbreak from beginning of parking lot to flag.

COT – reminder to order shirts before deadline Monday night.
Cocky to q on Wednesday
Thursday run group – Trim and Conroy committed to 0530 at the anchor… probably
Mr. Roboto to q on Friday and Conroy to bring December sign up sheet


Super workout and great fellowship –

Honored to Q these men –


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