Yacht Crawl

QIC:  Diapers

The PAX:  Squid, Shingles, Spaghetti O, Bartman, Meat gazer, Hardhat, Spaulding, Pesci, GoDaddy

Conditions: 54 Nice


SSC x 40

WM x 15

EW x 15

AC x 30

Take a lap

IC (unless otherwise stated)

The Thang:
Random stuff:

Indian Bear Crawl strait away to pavilion

Burpee Broad Jump pavilion stage

LBCs for the 6

Indian Crab Walk strait away to promenade palms/pavers

Lunge walk promenade

LBCs for the 6

Jail Break to main entry to park

Partner up for 1 Lap Catch me if you Can x 10 Merkins

Step ups x 50 OYO

Short Lap

Circle up for Mary


Plank 10 count

Jingle Balls x 25 IC

25 Big Boys OYO

Freddie Mercury x 10 IC

Backscratchers x 20 IC

Right Plank x 10 count

Left Plank 10 count

Low Plank 10 count




Christmas Parade Bluffton Sat., Sign up to Q on facebook


Always fun and a privilege being with you men at the Yacht Club.  Great AO and great group of men.  Looking forward to next time.

Diapers out!

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