Maritime law sets the order in which vessels must yield to one another, when in proximity. A vessel without any ability to maneuver and lacking the ability to avoid impeding others is referred to as NOT UNDER COMMAND (NUC). This vessel is required to identify itself during daylight by displaying two black balls at the highest point of the super structure. Even though the PAX have been notified that the December Q sheet is available, today has been left blank, leaving the Saturday workout NOT UNDER COMMAND. Nothing good EVER happens with two black balls. Today’s workout (the NUC) will take place each time that PAX post and no one has accepted the responsibility of being the Q.



58 degrees, high humidity, 0-5kts WSW


Shingles, Bartman, Chumbucket, Spiccoli, Spaulding, Hard Hat, Narco, SpaghettiO, Squid


YHC is not trained of certified so everyone is working out and their own risk. Modify if necessary but push yourself and the man next to you.


SSH x 50 IC

TTT x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

AC fwd/rev x 15ea IC


Jailbreak to the Pavillion for Burpees x 10

Jailbreak to Circle for V-Ups x 10

Jailbreak to Bathrooms for Mountain Climbers x 10

Jailbreak to Fountain for Flutters x 10

Rinse and repeat with all x 20

Rinse and repeat with all x 30

Rinse and repeat with all x 40

Rinse and repeat with all x 30

Rinse and repeat with all x 20

Rinse and repeat with all x 10





-we need to help fill the 5th team for the P200.

-constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to EH and grow TheYachtClub



While it is aggravating when no one wants to take the lead, it is rare. The NUC sucked and totally wore out YHC. Tip of the hat to the PAX who made it all the way through the pyramid. The best part of the morning is that, at one point or another, EVERY ONE of the PAX were encouraging someone, counting cadence…MAKING A DIFFERENCE. TheYachtClub has a strong crew of regular red-pillers and our growth is inevitable!

It’s always an honor to lead this group.

Squid, OUT

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