Dabo’s Blunder

Conditions:  A cool 52 degrees with clear skies and the last super moon of the year.
Pax: Cropduster, Stones, Dabo, Gator Bait, Urkel, Joker, Chumbucket, Big Perm, Madoff, Ballcock, Mr. Clean, Diapers, Compost, Bartman, & Swanson (QIC)
Gave the Disclaimer and explained F3 to the FNG
Warm Up:
Pledge of Allegiance
20 – SSH
20 – IW (side note: Joker was complaining that my count was too fast… I told him that he needed to speed up)
15 – TTT
Partner up (for Mosey)
Mosey to COTC (Bus Lot)
The Thang:
Have partner 1 pick up a stone from the inner circle of the bus lot.
1st Pax does rep while 2nd Pax runs the loop until all reps are completed, rinse and repeat
100 – Lunges
100 – Overhead Tricep Presses
150 – Merkins
200 – Shoulder Presses
250 – Squats with stone
At this point Stones started to complain that his abs were getting enough attention and that a true Dora would take care of it. YHC checked the clock and decided that we would honor his request and threw in 150 LBCs (Sophomore Mistake)
 Pax mosey back to the flag
With 10 minutes left we had a little MARY
Dabo – Flutters x 50 IC
At this point YHC was ready to call it quits, but Dabo complained and said he paid for a 45 minute workout and wanted his money’s worth, so we continued.
Mr. Clean – hesitated and called for Jokers favorite – Back Scratchers
Joker called out Air Humpers (secretly he wanted Back Scratchers)
Big Perm – Called out some leg extension, which at this point I was struggling to figure out
YHC Finished up off with Dirty Dogs
Announcements: None
Moleskin: Last night by 9pm I noticed that no one had signed up to Q so I took it upon myself to step up (really I just wanted an ornament on the F3 Christmas tree). This morning Dabo leans over to me and said that he was thankful that I did, he thought he had the Q but signed up for the wrong day and had nothing planned.

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