Fire Tunnel and high tide suicides

Tunnel of Fire – High Tide Suicide

10 Pax Cardiac, Big Easy, Otter, Conroy, Mr. Roboto, Sunshine, Putin, Crack, Grape Juice, Goofy

Conditions – 54 degrees – cold grass – slight breeze

Disclaimer – Not a professional – dont get hurt

Fastish mosey via Bay Street to Flags in the middle of the park – Quote along the way:

“If you hang out with Chickens, you are going to cluck, if you hang out with Eagles, your are going to fly” – Steve Mariboli

All Clemson fans noted the Chicken / Gamecock correlation and were ignored.

Warm up:

SSH IC x24

IW IC x24

Air Chair Arm Circles Fwd x12, Rev x12, overhead claps x12, and raise the roof x 12 all while holding the airchair

Plank Jacks x 12

Grumbling ensued


Tunnel of Fire – All PAX line up shoulder to shoulder and get on the ground into front leaning rest with six in the air forming a tunnel. Pax at the end low crawls through the tunnel and gets back into the six high front leaning rest and yells out his number after which all pax do the corresponding # of diamond merkins. Until all the pax have crawled through the gauntlet and done increasing # of diamond merkins. # of PAX determined # of Diamond Merkins to end with. (10)

Mosey to end of the park and then along the side want to cement benches facing the water

Dips and Derkins 11s

PAX alternate cadence to 3 count slow Dips – Derkins OYO kind of. – 20 minutes left and there is significant grumbling but feeling strong – 2 x10 counts followed by walk to Suicide zone

High Tide Lamp post Suicides (performed waterfront)

Baseline – 10 Gorrilla Humpers (GH)

First Lamp post- 10 Burpees – back to baseline GH x 10

2nd Lamp post- 20 Merkins – back to baseline GH x 10

3rd Lamp post- 30 Mountainclimbers – back to baseline GH x 10

4th Lamp post- 40 Squats – back to baseline GH x 10 OR Burpee Leap to 5th

5th Lamp post- 50 LBC -back to baseline GH x10 OR Burpee Leap to 5th

4th Lamp post- 40 Squats back to baseline GH x10

3rd Lamp post- 30 Mountainclimbers (Audible called to go directly to next lamp post)

2nd Lamp post – 20 Merkins to next lamp post

1st Lamp post – 10 Burpees

Mosey to Anchor – jailbreak at the parking lot.

COT – gratitude all around – q sign up – decided to have Facebook as primary communication. Also requested that all sign up on Lowcountry F# – Big Easy pointed out the Anchor q signup is now on the main spreadsheet.

Moleskin – Eagle quote was repeated many times and backfired on YHC to a certain extent. Grape juice had to stretch to allow his part of fire tunnel to be big enough to fit Conroy And a few others through – others had to become small passing through the tunnel. Goofy is faster than the rest of us.. for now.

Grape Juice will q on Wednesday, Crack has Friday and Saturday is open.

Great to Q this group of men – solid to see double digits on a cool Monday morning –


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