Super Slider Wheelbarrow Dora


Anchor – Monday, December 11, 2017

PAX – 8 -Putin, Grape Juice, Trim, Cocky, Crack, FNG (EEEEEEEE), Cardiac, Conroy (Q)

Conditions: 40 degrees – light wind – dark and gloomy

Mosey to Bay Street at 0530 and see FNG pulling in so circle back around to get him and run back to Bay then to Flag Pole Grass Pad-

Warm up

SSH IC x35

IW IC x 25

TTT x 15

T arm circles – side plank iron cross. Perform arm circles with hand in the air and not on pavement IC then backward then switch sides and finish with IC Merkins X10 fwd on right side then x10 backward then switch sides and repeat frontward and backward arm circles – finish with 15 4 count slow merkins


The Thang –

Super slider wheelbarrow Dora:

2 teams of 3 and 1 team of 2 all pax line up – teams of 3 had 2 super slider plastic furniture slide pads. Team of 2 had 1 slider. Wheelbarrow accross the pad with sliders under hands. Team of 2 had one slider (this one hurt). Audible called -that we would run between exercises for rest of Dora instead of bear Crawlining in between

Dora count:

400 squats

300 LBC

200 Merkin

100 Burpees

Finished together: All pax bear crawl to center. Lots of mumber chatter can be heard amongst faithful.

Quick time back to the Anchor / shovel flag

COT – Pray for Crack’s friends Mom – Named friendly new guy who is a dentist after the drill that a dental drill makes (EEEEEEEE)

Prayer and out – great workout!!!!








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