Joint Suffering – We may not be running a marathon, but we will suffer along with those guys…

Conditions: 38 degrees, Windy, Wet(just stopped raining), No Reason to be outside

PAX: Big Spur, Urkel, Dwight, Ball Cock, Dabo(QIC)

YHC had planned a different workout inspired by our fellow PAX running in the Kiawah Marathon, but we needed 16 Pax to make it work, with only 5 Pax, YHC made a gametime call to switch to offer a good old-fashioned full body sufferage.

Warm Up all IC

SSH x 25

AC x 15 Forward

AC x 15 Back

TTT x 15 IC

Let’s Move, its freaking freezing out here…

Indian Run to Church of the Cross


The Thang – Work the Whole Body Today


Hide from the Wind at the back door of the Church – Circle up for a full round of Lt. Dan – 1 Squat/4 Lunges climbing up to 10 Squats/40 Lunges

Over to the wall – 11’s Dips and Incline Merkins 10/1 to 1/10

Mosey down to corner of Lawrence Street and Calhoun Street – at this point, YHC heeds a warning of what is about to be announced and apologizes in advance, Full Burpee Block Pyramid 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. #NumbersforUrkel

1 Burpee at Lawrence St. Run to Lawton St. for 2 Burpees Run back to Lawrence st for 3 Burpees, Continue up to 10 and then back down to 1 – Crowdpleaser.

Upon Completion of the pyramid, a comment was made about the desire to drink out of the street puddles, So during a moment of weakness, YHC called for a mosey to Dubois park for clean water. The moment of weakness was thankfully short lived, as YHC was inspired by the look of the wet swings as a good opportunity for a final station of pain. Each Pax picked a swing, placed feet in the swing and did three sets of 5 – Knees to Chest followed by Derkins. 30 Second Break, Rince and repeat, 30 second Break, Rinse and Repeat. 3 sets of 3 sets of 5 each. #MoreNumbersforUrkel

Mosey back to the Flag – The Long Way! Out to Bruin and turn at Redfish. With two minutes left, lets Finish up with a loop around the track and cross the 3 mile mark for the day(totaled 3.18 miles, Aye!)


Announcements: CSAUP team building event to take place on 1/6/18.  Will begin at Bluffton High School (8:30am) and end at Dubose Park.  Lunch at Fat Patties to follow.

Prayer Requests: Prayers of Strength, Health and Perserverance for our Brothers running the marathon.


  • YHC was Concerned upon arrival to only see 2 Pax ready to share in the day’s miserable conditions, thankful for the later arrival of Urkel and Ballcock.
  • Good to have Big Spur join us on a Saturday.
  • Urkel deemed the participation of BigSpur and Dwight to be worthy of the day’s Ornament, YHC Agrees. #thankyouUrkel
  • With the decline in temperature and weather conditions, we have seen a coinciding decline in our #’s of PAX. I do attribute some of this to the marathoners who were concentrating their training regimens on running more than boot camps, but everyone needs to remember, we workout, rain/shine/hot/cold. Your fellow PAX count on you to be there to help push them through. Dont fall into the trap and take the easy road, it becomes especially easy this time of year. Its colder, there are a lot of holiday gatherings with plenty of food and drink, its easier to procrastinate your health and training by pushing it off until next year, etc, etc. Dont fall into that trap, use the holiday vices as motivation to post more often. Be better on January 2nd than you are right now, Kick off 2018 ahead of where you are now. Speaking of 2018, what are your goals? What can your fellow PAX do to help you accomplish those goals? Remember – Iron Sharpens Iron!

Dabo – Out!


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