45 degrees with a 10mph wind out of the West



Squid, Meat Gazer, Cookies, Shingles, JV, Big Easy (respect), Narco, Spaghetti-O, Hard Hat, ChumBucket(QIC)


QIC is not a professional trainer, but am a professional model according to Hard Hat



SSH x 21

Arm Circles x15 Forward x20 Backward

Through the tunnel x15

(Unlike Urkel, these numbers bare no significance, just keeping the PAX on their toes)

Mosey around the track to playground



PAX participated in a Modified “Cooper”

@Playground PAX partners up for accountability

Each PAX:

10 Pull-ups, 10 Merkins, 10 Big Boys, 10 Squats

Big Lap

9 Pull-ups, 9 Merkins, 9 Big Boys, 9 Squats

Big Lap

Repeat counting down to 1 with a lap in between



Plank for the 6

TIME (Mary is pointless anyway)




CSAUP team building event to take place on 1/6/18.  Will begin at Bluffton High School (8:30am) and end at Dubose Park.  Lunch at Fat Patties to follow.

Yacht Club workout Saturday will be @ 5:30 due to it being a school day

Mrs. Chumbucket is pregnant and will be expecting a child in June


Prayer Requests:

Big Easy requested our prayers for his safe return all the way back to the outer limits of Beaufort County.



-Shingles posted that I was the Q for today on Facebook. This was news to me.

-Bartman was originally scheduled to Q today and had a great workout planned for the morning that he will unleash soon.

-I get a late night text from Bartman that he was a “no go” because of injuries he suffered to his back from doing Starbursts in the previous day’s workout (It sucks to get old.)

-Shingles used to his powers of “Projection” and here we are…

-It was great to have Big Easy post @  the Yacht Club

-We totaled over 3 miles, and 60 of each of the exercises in 45min. Great push by all!

-As always, it was my pleasure to lead this group of men.


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