Dear Dabo,

I tried to come up with something to rise to meet your subtle encouragement on FB to be as hard of a Q as you.  YHC is afraid he may have failed you.  There’s no way of really knowing.  YHC dusted an old Q off and modified it slightly for today.  Upstate from F3Charleston constantly reminded YHC that it was actually 900 because 3 x 300 is …well you guys can all do that math.  Even Hardhat.  Dabo, your legend does not grace the fertile field of the YachtClub often.  YHC finds it strangely convenient that it is never on the days he has the honor of leading the PAX in their DRP.  We humbly await your presence.  Be sure to wear some big boy #rangerpanties and bring some intestinal fortitude.

The strong Men that stepped into the gloom this morning were:

Chumbucket, Shingles, Cookies, Spaghetti Os, Spalding, Squid and TheDon(Showed up for the last 10).

We had some schedule changes due to a hurricane make up day for the 2.0s and TheDon didn’t get the word in time.  He still managed to take a post workout lap and beat the hardworking PAX on their lap only to find out he used the cut through and ran a shorter lap.

3 Exercises for 300 Reps

We used 6 stations to complete the 300 reps.  The first one we included box jumps then decided that was a time suck and cancelled that part.

10 Merkins/25 Flutter Kicks/10 Merkins/25 Flutter Kicks/10 Merkins/10 Merkins/25 Squats/10 Merkins/25 Squats

Mosey and repeat for 6 sets(took us around the plaza.)

We finished up by the playground side.

Mosey to the wall on the back of the restrooms for 20 Donkey Kicks/30 Secs at half-way up wall/30 Secs Vertical (Balls2Wall)

25 Mountain Climbers I.C.

Mosey to Field

We lined up facing the marsh and used the short side.  Bear Crawls across with a Broad Jump back.  Buddy Drags were up next and we paired up and went across and back.

We finished up with lunging around the field with a stop for 25 dips at the pavilion.

Mary at the SF.


Great workout today.  F3Lowcountry CSAUP on 6JAN.  Collect some email addresses and get some more able bodied Men out here.  Spalding, Shingles, Cookies, TheDon and JV gathered at The Diner for coffeeteria.





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