Another Saturday – I’ll do it…

Conditions: 38 degrees, Cool and Clear

PAX: Big Spur, Urkel, Dwight, Ball Cock, Joker, Dabo(QIC)

On Friday evening, YHC had offered some words of encouragement to The YachtClub and to JV in particular, “Stirring the pot” if you will, in an effort to make sure the Yacht Club Pax would push the rock a little extra on a Saturday, (YHC is certain that retribution will be forthcoming) YHC was also hopeful that some other Pax would step up and take the Q, but that was not happening, It was almost our identical crew from last Saturday with the addition of Joker to get us up to a party of 6. Lets get to work on another cool saturday morning.

Warm Up all IC

SSH x 25

Imperial Walker x 24?

AC x 15 Forward

AC x 15 Back

TTT x 15 IC

Let’s Go

The Thang – Merkin Mile – Interrupted

Mosey Out to Pritchard St – 20 Merkins OYO


Mosey to corner of Pritchard and Bridge –  20 Merkins OYO

Mosey to corner of Bridge and Boundary –  20 Merkins OYO

Mosey to front of Dubois Park – 20 Merkins OYO

Mosey to corner of Boundary and May River Rd –  20 Merkins OYO


Mosey over to center of Promenade Park – pick a bench – Box jump Pyramid

10 box Jumps – 30 Second Break

15 Box Jumps – 30 Second Break

20 Box Jumps – 30 Second Break

25 Box Jumps – Done(for now)


Mosey to Blue Wall for Wall Sit – 30 Seconds

on your six – 50 LBC’s and 25 BBSU’s OYO


Partner Up – Catch me if you can around the park – Partner 1 drops for 5 merkins while partner 2 runs around the park, Partner 1 then chases partner 2 and they switch. X 4 Laps around the park.


Back to the Blue Wall – 30 Seconds

on your six – 50 LBC’s and 25 BBSU’s OYO


Back to the Benches to finish up the Box Jump Pyramid:

25 box Jumps – 30 Second Break

20 Box Jumps – 30 Second Break

15 Box Jumps – 30 Second Break

10 Box Jumps – Done with our interruption!


And now back over to finish up our original program – Completion of the Merkin Mile – Mosey down to Pritchard and Bruin for our last set of 20 merkins OYO mosey to light pole and then push AYG to the flag.



Announcements: CSAUP team building event to take place on 1/6/18.  Will begin at Bluffton High School (8:30am) and end at Dubose Park.  Lunch at Fat Patties to follow.

Prayer Requests: Prayers of strength and peace for the teachers with Saturday School.


  • YHC was hopeful that someone would step up and take the Q, but knew the odds were not in favor of such as it was an early workout for a Saturday with the School Make-up day.
  • Urkel left the workout purplexed about what to do with the day’s ornament as all present Pax had already scored position on the tree.  #thankyouUrkel
  • We have had a lot of the ‘usual suspects’ leading the workouts lately. If this continues, i am fearful that a new iteration of The Dab will make an appearance soon, please step up and lead gentlemen.

Dabo – Out!

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