Good Enough for a Model

58 degrees, 5-10kts and moist.


Hard Hat QIC, Chumbucket, Spalding, Narco, Bartman (Respect), Meat Gazer, Shingles, Cookies (Respect), Postal, JV, Big Easy (Respect), Dabo, Romo and Spicoli.

JV hit snooze a couple times and was the last man on deck.  We talked about Chumbucket’s modeling career again.  


15  TTT, 15 JJ, 15 AC Forward, 15 AC Reverse, 15 IW, 15 HB

Mosey around the Kroger’s.


-Max push ups and 35 brick wall dips, then directly into a 100 yard sprint with 35 air squats. Run back 100 yards and perform an Al Gore until last man finishes.  5 rounds total.

– Mosey to the Restroom wall and group did wall squats for 1 minute. Group then did 15 diamond push ups together.  Group then did 1 more minute of wall squats.

–  Mosey to the circle and conducted Mary.  Abs workout every 30 seconds for 5 minutes.

–   Count off, announcements and then prayer.



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