12 For 12

12 PAX showed up for the promised Christmas beat down delivered by YHC.   The weather was great and it has warmed back up down here.   In researching some 12 Days of Christmas workouts, it seemed like there were several variations so YHC decided as long as 12 reps were included in the mix it would be alright.  Only the PAX can judge.  #maninthearena

The Men that pushed it today were Squid, Spalding, Shingles, Chumbucket, Narcos, Spiccoli, Cookies, Postal, Bartman, Meatgazer, Brad Ellis (FNG) now named Singlet.

Here’s what we did today:

Warm Up

Merkins 1/rest for 15 sec/2/rest for 15 sec…to 12

We moseyed over to grab our Blocks and realized we only had 10.  #problematic, maybe not yet, but still a good problem to have.  We are growing our regular attendance levels out here.  We grabbed the 10 and moseyed to the SF, then YHC audibled for a team workout.  Each team kept a Block.

First set of excercises was 12 Step-Ups each leg w/Block while the Buddy did Merkins until they switched.

Next set: 12 Dips while Buddy does 12 Merkins then 11, then 10…1

Then we Moseyed around the Field.  Q called for blocks overhead and the PAX switched among Buddy Teams as needed.

Lap complete.  Line up on the Field facing the MarshSide.

1 PAX does 12 Burpees while Buddy runs the Block out to the 1/2 way point drops it and returns then turns and heads back out for the Block.  The running Buddy repeats these Suicides until the Burpees are complete then they switch.

We worked down from 12 Burpees to 1.

All the PAX supported other teams after they finished and everyone put in some hard work on these.

Next up was Mary.  YHC had some Block exercises planned so he recruited Bartman as a Co-Q.  Bartman called out exercises for Mary and YHC called out exercises for Blocks.  One Team member did one then switched so everyone got a set of each in.  All done for a minute.

Overhead Press/Flutter Kicks


Tricep Extensions/Backscratchers

Block Swing/Plank

Bent Row/LBCs

YHC is not sure he remembers all of those correctly.

The intent was to complete 6 sets for 12 minutes of exercising, but we ran out of time.


Remembering all the Men and Women who are away from their families in service to our Country.  Thinking about and honoring all of those who have made so many sacrifices to provide us with the opportunities we have.  Living in a beautiful place, spending time with our families and being relatively safe in our daily lives.  We prayed for Spaghetti-Os Dad, that he may heal from his surgery.  We humbly asked for God to be with those who are lonely and struggling over the holidays.

This is a great crew at The Yacht Club.  We piled into the Starbucks for a quick cup of coffee and Meatgazer announced he was picking up the tab.  Postal came in and hijacked it without telling anyone.  Great way to start this Christmas weekend.  Well done Men.

Merry Christmas to all of the PAX of F3Nation.

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