Shovel Tree at the Anchor

Conditions – 47 overcast with a little wind – not too bad

PAX – Urkel, Cardiac, Goofy, Mr. Roboto, Conroy, and Sunshine – 6

Urkel posted and planted the shovel tree complete with an Anchor ornament. Welcomed and discussed how much we all ate during Christmas. Quick Mosey down Bay Street to the clock then right all the way down to the sea wall

Warm up ;

SSH x35

TTT x16

IW x 24

Windmill x 10

Smurf jacks x 15

Air chair – arm circles X11 fwd x10 backward, raise the roof x 10 hold Air Chair – overhead claps x 10

Thang: pair up for buddy fire line

PAX partner up and face one another in front leaning rest – partners at the end perform 1 pattycake merkin on each arm followed by one handed merkin while clasping the partners non pushup hand on each Right then left (one handed partner merkin). Just like ring of fire in that all other PAX plank until it is their turn,

1 patty cake merkin (PCM) on each arm and 1 one handed partner Merkin (OPM)

2 PCM on left and right then 1 OPM on left and right

3 PCM on left and right then 1 OPM on left and right… on to 5 /1

recover – all happy for the end of that one – Urkel made the comment that he had been to 10 AOs around the state and never done that exercise – YHC made it up this morning – will work up to 10/1

mosey to bridge

12 body builder Burpees IC with candence rotated among PAX

run to top of bridge – 20 4 ct goofballs

run to other side 10 burpees OYO

run to top 15 goofballs

run to bottom – 10 Burpees

mosey to pavilion – partner up

Wheelbarrow to other side – switch and wheelbarrow back

leap burpee back to other side and bear crawl back – out of time

moseey back to the flags

COT – pray for Urkel’s Olivia burn recovery

CSAUP announced for 1/6

Prayer – always an honor to Q – great group of fellas – thank to Urkel for driving over and bringing some cheer.



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