Pre Blast for CSAUP event 1/6/18


This event will begin at 0830hrs at #TheBuck (visitors: google Bluffton High School, come to the main entrance and turn right, if you get lost call DABO @ 843.384.1759). If you happen to be a member of the PAX that needs no stretching or warm up and your normal routine is to show at T minus 1min, plan differently. EVERY participant needs to be there in time to sign in with the Safety Q. Out of respect and courtesy for the people volunteering to organize this and to give adequate time to assign teams, please arrive NO later than 0815hrs.


The forecast for Sat shows an overnight low of 26 degrees and the high will be in the low 40s. At go time, expect it to be near 32. It will warm up slightly as we progress. It will be cool but you need to HYDRATE anyway.


When the event is complete, you will be muddy and sweaty. You need to arrive dressed for the conditions (cotton hoodies are a poor choice) and you need to also have a bag packed with a towel and clean clothes at the end…you will want them. This bag will be staged and transported to our finishing location. Because someone is volunteering to move your gear for you, there is no need to pack a sport coat, snuggie, hammock, hair dryer, lotion, or Doritos; it’s one small bag with clean/dry clothes and a towel. For the love of all that is holy, it’s only 3 hours.


The teams, formed and assigned by the Qs, will depart the AO and Mosey along a pre-determined route toward Dubois Park, which is the site of the first F3 workouts for our region. Along the way, there will be mini-workouts, coupons and surprises. Your team is expected to finish together. The teams finishing before others are expected to circle back to the six. Planking and restfully strutting about will not be handled gently by the Qs.


-This event came about due to a discussion about how our growth has led to many new faces and men who do not know one another and never post at the same AO/same time. With that said, do not expect to be on a team with your BFF.

-Your HYDRATION plan begins the day before. When it is cold, you do not desire to drink a bunch of water. YHC’s fatass does not desire to set the alarm and post. Ignore the desire and do what you know has to happen. Your afternoon and evening on Friday need to include a lot of water, as well as Sat a.m. There will be water available but you need to arrive in a hydrated state.

-When everyone is finished, there will be a COT. After this, it is time to put on a clean shirt and head to Fat Patties for a beer, lunch and 2nd F. If a member of the PAX walks into the 2nd F celebration without completing the cold, wet, muddy, miserable portion, there will be a penalty; you get what you get.

-As the event is now defined more clearly, think about the logistics involved. If you can help, reach out and let us know. There is definitely a need to get people back to their vehicles from the destination.

-Upon completion, you will be cold, wet, and tired but you will be grinning from ear to ear. Improving yourself, setting the tone for a new year and bonding with QUALITY men will do that for you. During this event, you may be asked to do things that you did not expect; push your limits…it’s worth it!




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