Climb the Latter

6 PAX: Mr Clean, Dabo, Urkel, Micheal Bolton, Yo Yo Ma, Big Perm

Conditions: Breezy 24(wind chill=13)

The Thang:

Immediately went to Burpees to generate warmth. 17-1 for each wind chill degree(actually discovered layer it was 13)

Took a mosey over to the tennis courts where we climbed up and down the rungs of the latter. The “rungs” were:

Jail break

High knees


Bunny hoops

Bear crawl

Crab walk

Each rung seperated by 3 burpees. Totaled just over 100 burpees. (Good for warmth)

Did an Indian run back to AO where we did 20: Merkins, Big Boys, Lunges, Dips and 6 pull ups.

Circle time:


This Saturday local chapters meet at the Buck for 2 hours of fun starting at 7am. Begin at the Buck and finishing at MOB(MC Riley).

Prayer request:

Continue to pray for Urkels daughter. Bandages come off this week.

Mole Skin:

It’s never too cold for “board shorts”. Also, at the other extreme, some of us can always find our way back to the AO during the workout by following articles of dropped clothing. Impressed to see anyone other that me show up this am at 13 degress “real feel”. I had to show up, I signed up to lead a week before without checking the temp. Not sure what the rest of You were thinking!


Serious business:

It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of it F3. It changed my life in 2017. 15 pounds lost and many good friends gained!

Peace and Love



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