Welcome to 2018 MF!

The Yacht Club hosted it’s first social gathering of the new year. The attending members were all dressed in all the new workout attire that they received as Christmas gifts…and anything else that they thought may keep them warm. Here’s how it went down.


25 degrees (dropping to 24 by the end) with wind at 10kts NNW.


Bartman, Shingles, Cookies, Postal, JV, Chumbucket, Squid-QIC



18 x SSH IC

18 x TTT IC

18 x IW IC

18 x AC fwd/rev IC

Let’s mosey!


1/2 mile mosey finds us tucked behind the Water’s Edge buildings, hiding from the wind.

Each PAX is to complete:

20 x Merkins

18 x Flutters (four count)

Run up the four flights of stairs, across the building and down the other side.

Rinse and repeat/AMRAP

Approx midway through time, Q calls 18 Burpees.

Return to AMRAP (Merkins, Flutters, Stairs)

Mosey back to SF and circle up.

2 MOM:

Flutters x 20

not done

Flutters x 18




-Prayers for Postal and his guys while they’re on shift today.


-It was cold. And windy.

-Postal says he can’t run but finished near the front.

-JV pointed out the meteorological phenomenon that #TheYachtClub was accessible to everyone except those from Palmetto Hall. Hang tough guys, we hope you’re ok.

-This is a great group of guys. Cold, shivering and numb hands but there was plenty of encouragement and checking on the six. THAT’s how it’s supposed to work.

It’s always a privilege to lead this group of men.

Squid, OUT


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