Yacht Club Crunch

Yacht Club Crunch 

Conditions: Dark, 24 Degrees, wind NNW 10 Knots, Humidy Frozen, Ground covered in icy snow and frozen

Pax:  Postal, ChumBucket, Cookies, Squid 🦑, Bartman, Shingles QIC

Fart Sack: Don’t get me started….


  1. 30 SSH IC
  2. 20 TTT
  3. 10 Arm Circles IC Both Directions
  4. 20 Imperial Squat Walker…sloooow
  5. Mosey around Inside of field.


  1.  Pick a spot on the wall, 100 dips OYO.  AG or Plank for the 6.
  2.  Run together inside of field.
  3. 100 Flutters, repeat run.
  4. 100 Merkins, repeat run.
  5. 100 Squats, repeat run.
  6. 100 Big Boyz/LBC, repeat run.
  7. 100 Mountain Climbers, repeat run.
  8. 100 Air press, OYG on the ice run to the flag. Safety first.


She either fartsacked or was frozen…


Great push by all men….The magic happens when we hold each other accountable.  We are a part of something much bigger than our individual selves.  It’s easy to workout and show up when conditions are perfect….commitment is working through the uncomfortable and loving the process and pain.  The results are the byproduct the gloom. I am honored and humbled every day by the men of F3.

Unspoken prayers for Squid.  Prayers for everyone traveling in this weather.  Prayers that the gate in Palmetto Hall gets fixed so people are allowed to leave.


Disclaimer: This backblast is done to the best of my recollection.  I’m sure there are some mistakes and  inconsistencies.




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