1st Annual F3 Lowcountry CSAUP


Due to the tremendous growth in the past year, it was decided that we needed an event to everyone together. There were only 2 AOs represented but, that’s an issue for another day.


At the appointed hour, the temp was 27F and the wind was 7kts NNW. There was plenty of ice on the road and work waiting to be done.


FloRide, Kiffin, Ballcock, Jack Sparrow, Shingles, Cookies, Chumbucket, Urkel, Bartman, Big Spur, Dwight, Cubby, Romo, Cropduster, Michael Bolton, Squealer, Joker. Those sharing the QIC were Dabo, Squid, Gambit, Peaches, Daipers, Junior Varsity. FloRide was the supervising Safety Q, due to injury. There were two HC/no shows, Footlong and Big Easy; hopefully, their hoo-has heal quickly. Stones never signed up, didn’t return calls and never acknowledged that the event even took place.

WARM UP (Dabo, QIC):

After a disclaimer, Dabo leads us through a warm up to set the tone.

30 x SSH

15 x TTT

15 x AC fwd/rev

Divide into four teams and then, each team needs a cumulative effort to achieve 100 Pull Ups, 100 Burpees and 10 Loops (around the parking lot). Upon completion, each team grabs their coupons for a mosey to the next station. The coupons include (1) 6″ x 8′ pole, (1) pack filled with 20lbs of water bottles, and two shovel flags.

TUNNEL (underneath Bluffton Parkway, connecting the holes for Pinecrest Golf Club, Squid, QIC):

Upon arrival of the six, PAX place the coupons on the deck and each team heads to a quadrant of the tunnel: one team on each side of an end. On the Q’s command, all PAX Wall Sit while one team member Bear Crawls the length of the tunnel and sprints back; next team member begins. When all members have gone, grab the coupons and let’s mosey…WAIT! One team has busted the zipper on their pack. ALL PAX do Burpees until a repair is made with duct tape. Now, Mosey to the next station.

EAGLES FIELD (Corner of Buck Is Rd, Gambit, QIC):

Each team sends one man to home plate, where he will Bear Crawl to 1st base, Lunge to 2nd base, Crab Walk to 3rd and Mosey home to trade off with another team member. While one man completes the course, all other PAX do Flutters, Squats, Dips, and Burpees, alternating the exercise until all members have completed. Once done, teams do Overhead Presses with the log (changing out as needed) while others plank. In a call that was unexpected but consistent with his personality, the Q sent everyone to the shadows of right field to make a snow angel. Gather the coupons and mosey to the next station. If you want to use the logs to navigate the ice covered ditch, do so. If you’re as manly as Shingles, take the log by yourself and attempt to jump the ditch. Once/if your legs are wet to the knee, suggest that your teammates cross on another team’s log.


Teams gather on one side of the parking lot and place the log there. As a team, execute a set of 11’s with Derkins on the log and inclined Merkins on the curb stop on the other side of the parking lot…Bear Crawl across, Crawl Bear back (CROWD PLEASER). The mumblechatter during this evolution was plentiful and of high quality. As the PAX were finishing up, FloRide arrives with the safety vehicle claiming that he was confused about the order of the stops. The greasy sheen on his lips and the scent of Chik-fil-a on his breath made his story suspect. Once all are done, there is an extended 10 count and all drink a bottle of water. Coupons are gathered and team take off for the next station. Cookies, out of consideration for the safety of all PAX, attempted to kick a piece of ice (the size of your head!) off of the sidewalk. The ice was frozen to the walk and Cookies took a tumble (it’s a blessing that he was not hurt). The shovel flags were put to good use and the ice chunk was pulverized.


The PAX drop the coupons and all gather around the drop off circle and hold a squat position for a modified game of DUCK DUCK GOOSE. Once tagged, you have to catch the man who tagged you WHILE DUCKWALKING! Losers take a position in the middle of the group and do Burpees until a new loser replaces them. Again, this station was a mumblechatter BONANZA. Upon completion, the teams pick up their coupons and head to the next station. It did not take long to realize the we’re now proceeding on legs of rubber.

DUBOIS PARK (Junior Varsity, QIC):

All PAX are to gather on one end of the park and pair up for a Buddy Drag. Proceed to the other side of the park and back, switching out as needed. Next, team line up for a Tunnel of Love across the park, Lunge Walk back. Physically ( and mostly mentally), YHC was spent. Approaching the coupons to proceed, the Q called a Ray Lewis. Meeting eyes with JV, he grinned sadistically. After 1,004,862 overhead claps, all PAX saddle up for a push to the final station.


AUDIBLE: the water is too cold to safely submerge PAX, as planned. All PAX proceed to the floating dock, lie down side by side for a Line of Fire. The first man counts out 10 x Flutters while others do 6in to 90 degrees. We continue down the line until everyone has counted out Flutters. DONE!


This was not the day for a new guy.


-Prayers for Shingles father-in-law having open heart surgery that morning.

-Prayers for Spaulding’s father-in-law’s health.

-THANKSGIVING for physical health and the men who make up F3 Nation.


What a morning! The route and various stations put us at a total of 7.95 miles WITH WEIGHTED coupons and 7 workouts. There were no tears, there were no incapacitating injuries and there were plenty of laughs/smiles. As we expressed in the past few weeks, if you do it, you will be glad. If you skip it, you will regret it.

-Call Ford Motor Company: 8 grown men in the crew cab of a truck is quite a feat and we need them to step up with a P200 sponsorship. Plus, I got to bond with Gambit…I didn’t expect him to wiggle so much.

-The temps were not bad but the wind was a spirit crusher. The good news is that we didn’t even notice the wind after the first station.

-Q school moment: the larger the group, the more simple and clear the directions from the Q need to be. Apologies for confusion in the tunnel…the echo didn’t help.

-It was fun to pass Static running the other direction and exchanging fist bumps.

-Gambit did an excellent job of ceding control to others. He had plenty to say but the was no ‘Q jack.’ Perhaps the morning commute calmed him and he realized that submission can be a good thing.

-We’re all thankful for Shingle’s Breath-Rite strip, enabling him to talk. His mumblechatter makes us all better…seriously.

-With the DUCK DUCK GOOSE, the Q tried to make sure that everyone had been involved. “Who hasn’t gone yet?” Joker, being a man of integrity, raised his hand…slowly, quietly and no higher than his shoulder but he did raise it.

-How cool was it to have all the horns blowing and encouragement on Bluffton Parkway? We must have looked like a bunch of idiots but there are plenty of people who appreciate men who will choose the hard thing.

-FloRide is a better tooth doctor than he is a photographer. And he makes poor Facebook choices. Nonetheless, we are thankful that he came, helped, and participated, despite injury. That’s a character thing.

-Thank you to those who helped pull this off, and there were many. Dabo, Gambit, Peaches, Daipers and Junior Varsity…you men are leaders among leaders. THANK YOU!

-After the CSAUP, it was awesome to see how many guys came to Fat Patties for 2nd F. I especially loved seeing wives and kids with members of the PAX.

The opportunity to associate with men of this caliber: accomplished athletes, champions of character, men who are not afraid to show that they care about other guys and their success, it is always humbling. The best way to make sure that we keep this is to grow it. ALL of us need to reach out to at least one man today.

Squid, OUT.


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