QIC:  Diapers

The PAX:  Judy, Swanson, Gambit, Kiffin, Stones, Chum Bucket, Peaches, Hostillo, Blue Jeans, Buckeye, Compost, Diapers and Welcome Animal!

Conditions: 37 degrees



IC (unless otherwise stated)
– SSH x 30

– TTT x 15

– IW x 20

AC x 15 both directions (while YHC racked my brain for a workout)

-Mosey 1/2 lap then to the pad

Demo Thang exercises below then welcome FNG and re-disclaimer…

lots of mumble chatter….YHC confused the PAX…they were wondering where was the deck of DEATH…

The Thang:

CLIMB = alternate the following exercises in sequence to equal the totals

C = Crab cake…L = Lunge…I = Iron Cross…M = Mountain Climber…B = Burpee. Number each exercise and ladder up through each rotation: round 1=  2C,4L,6I,8M,10B then 3,6,9,12,15, then 4,8,12,15,20, then 5,10,15,20,25, then 6,12,18,24,30 for a total of

Crab cakes x 2o

Lunges x 40

Iron Cross x 60

Mt. Climbers x 80

Burpees x 100

unfortunately without Urkel present there is no one to confirm math and dissension among the PAX ensues…

more than 6 MOM

Flutters x 40 IC

American Hammers x 30 IC

Jingle Balls x 15 IC

LBC x 30

Mosey 1/2 lap and back to circle up

Plank, low plank, left, right, x 10 each

15 Big Boy sit ups

Done 2 minutes early because YHC was worn out!


good work on CUSAP

Welcome Animal again


Tough workout for me after the CSUP on Saturday but great way to start off the week suffering together and pushing one another.  Its always a blessing to be out there with you fellas.  Keep up the good work!

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