Hindenburg Blimp Tour

PAX:  Dabo, Handy Manny, Joker, Ballcock, Big Spur, Coach K, Ray, Peaches (QIC)

Conditions: 51, Slight Breeze, just about perfect

Disclaimer: YHC is no professional, no trainer, work out at you own risk but push yourself.

Warm Up:

SSH x 25 IC

TTT x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

AC x 15 IC (both ways)

10 Pullups OYO

Line up for an Indian Run Toward the Tennis Courts


Hindenburg BLIMPS

At the drop off circle we will stop at 4 stations around the .2 mile loop and do the following exercises while running in between.  Once back around start on next set of exersises

B urpees x 10 at 4 stations = 40

L unges x 20 each leg at 4 stations = 80

I mperial Walkers x 30 at 4 stations =120

M erkins x 40 at 4 stations = 160 #crowdpleaser

P lank Jacks x 50 at 4 stations = 200

S quats x 60 at 4 stations (along the way back) = 240


Back scratchers x 25 IC





-2nd F Lunch, Thursday at Jalapeños in Bridge Center at 12:00

-Pork Butt Sales are going full “Boar” (see what Dabo did there).  In need of Cookers to cook over 300 butts, get ready to sell for Super Bowl Weekend.


-Urkels Daughter in Augusta having surgery this morning

-Unspoken prayers for Joker


-Last nights game had low numbers this morning but still a good group

-Joker is the only guy I know that can count reps while carrying on a conversation, must be the counter I got him last year.

-Coach K crushed the 160 Merkins #beast, the 160 Merkins crushed the rest of us.

-Ray has a strange training program where you do squats on a bucket for 8 hrs, check with him for details

-Dabo has a pro wrestler on his Softball team

Always a pleasure to Lead,

Peaches Out!

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