The Yacht Club is clear of snow and ice!


YHC had intended to have the ‘NUC’ workout because the Q sheet was empty. Shingles had planned to have an FNG in tow and the NUC is not the best workout for recruiting. The FNG backed out and YHC had not mentally prepared for the NUC. This won’t happen again.


It was a comfortable 51 degrees with a light and variable NNW breeze. The snow and ice are gone, the fountain is thawed and it’s time for some work.



50 x SSH

15 x TTT

15 x IW

15 x AC fwd/rev

Mosey up the street, around the K.Roger and back to the park.


Ring of Fire w/Merkins

Lap around the park

Ring of Fire w/Squats

Lap around the park

Ring of Fire w/Dips

Lap around the park

Lt. Dan

6 MOM:

25 x American Hammers

1 Round of Dan Daly: one member of the PAX counts out 10 Flutters while the others do Leg Lifts (6 inches to 90 degrees). Rotating around the circle, each PAX counts out Flutters.

1 min of Bird Dog, switch the another minute on the other side.




-Prayers for Spaulding’s father-in-law, wife and extended family.

-Thanksgiving for success by-pass for Shingles father-in-law; expected to be released today.

-Prayers for Pesci’s 15yr old son: he needs discernment and some self-awareness.

Many of our tribe are dealing with family/relationship struggles, professional challenges and other issues. None of these things are unique to any one man. Sometimes we let our ego hinder us from asking for help. I’m not a priest, sage or shaman and I’m only 48 but I can assure you, plenty of people have tread upon the ground where you find yourself right now. Ask for help. Shingles sent me a meme that is very apropos: it’s an image of a lion and the text reads, “Be thankful for the struggles you go through, they make you stronger. Don’t let them break you, let them make you.” This is no feel-good Oprah-bomb; it’s the truth. We make one another better. Keep posting, plug in, ask someone to get a cup of coffee…BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with men who share your values. That’s when you will find yourself with a squad who will take on your struggles.

It’s always an honor to lead.

Squid, OUT.

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