Yacht Club Block Party

Yacht Club Block Party 

Conditions: Dark, 58 Degrees, light wind, some drizzle.

Pax:  Postal, ChumBucket, Cookies, JV, Meat Gazer,  Shingles QIC

FNG “Nae Nae” and “Saban”   8 PAX TOTAL

Fart Sack: Don’t get me started….again…


  1. 40 SSH IC
  2. 15 TTT IC
  3. 10 Arm Circles IC Both Directions
  4. 10 Imperial Squat Walker….the right way this time. IC
  5. 15 Windmill…..slow IC
  6. Mosey around Kroger


1. Grab your Token and do 15 Merkin hands on the block.

2.  Grab your block and head to 278.

3. 20 overhead press, 20 Merkin with block.

4. Grab your block and head to the fountain.

5. Lap around park without token.

6. 15   BB OYO then 25 Block Merkin then 21s with Block.

7.  Grab block and head to 278.

8. 20 press OYO 20 Block Merkin Oyo

9.  Grab your block and back to the fountain OYO.  Sugar Rae’s Block overhead.

10.  Grab wall and Meat Gazer leads with 50 dips.

11.  Mosey lap around park without token.

12.  21s OYO with Block.  Colt 45 Next week!

13. 50 Flutters IC compliments of ChumBucket…I owe you 5.

14.  50 Ray Lewis  IC by JV…I owe you 5.

15.  We did some more Block Merkins but I’m delirious by now and lost track of where…I do know that Poastal added 5 more to my count! I’m sure my order is off a little so feel free to correct me if necessary.


On your 6.

10 BB  OYO 20 2 count Flutters

10 BB OYO 30 2 count Flutters

10 BB OYO 50 2 Count Flutters


Great push by all men especially the two FNG. I am honored and humbled every day by the men of F3.  Poastal recommended that we not bring out the blocks with FNGs to maybe promote a second post.  Cookies Merkin game has more than doubled in a month!

Prayers for Spalding’s father in law and mine for recovery.  Prayers for 🦑 Hip. Unspoken prayers for the entire Pax and family.  Great push today as we welcome some warmer weather.  2 FNG gave into the EH and decided to come get better with us.

Disclaimer: This backblast is done to the best of my recollection.  I’m sure there are some mistakes and  inconsistencies.



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