Monday bag-o-better


Conditions: 30 – cold and clear

Pax – Grape Juice, Otter, Cardiac, Baby Shoes, Cocky, Mr. Roboto, Conroy-QIC

Warm up – 4 miles (Grape Juice and Conroy)

SSH X 30

Burpees X 5

TTT X 15

IW X 25

Burpees – rotating cadence x8

Grab props and mosey to the L.O.G. (Large operations green) in the park

Props (4 – 10lb plates, 2 jump ropes, 4 cones and 4 super sliders (not used)

Merkin Ring of Fire – ascending to 10

(all men (Pax) in a circle in plank position – leader (q) does one push-up (merkin) then counter clockwise the next man does one and next until back to leader (q) then 2 reps, then 3 reps, then 4 and so on up to 10. All pax maintain plank while waiting on their turn to crank out reps.)

Mosey to  freedom circle and back to LOG.

The Thang-

Bag of Better-

Q has zip lock bag with 12 different exercises written on scraps of paper – 4 men draw an exercise out of bag and pair up. 1 partner does the drawn exercise while the other runs to freedom circle and back then each group switches to the next exercise and repeats until all 4 are completed. First for exercises:

Balls to the Wall

Star jumps

Air chair weighted arm raises (10 lb plate in each arm)

Jump rope

Bag of Better Suicides – next 4 excercises drawn with partner doing suicides between 4 cones set 15 yards apart from one another. (This was a bit of a cluster – but figured out after some debate.) 4 exercises drawn wer:

Derkins (decline pushups

Mountain Climbers


Military press with 10 lb plates


Dr W X 10 – some grumbling upon completion

Flutter kicks – 4 ct x 30

COT discussion around better communication with Pax and coordinating with LowcountryF3. Decided upon reminder text technology that Mr. Roboto uses with Football team and will introduce as well as Facebook as primary means of communication.

Prayer for Pat Dennis and Baby Shoes friend in Costa Rica as well gratitude for MLK Jr.

Moleskin – missed goofy, crack, putin, eeeeeeee, trim, sitter, rev, sunshine, bellhop, molar, watermelon, matlock, refugee and any Friendly new guys. Let’s try to get some new guys out and post on a regular basis. Truly one of the best things you can do for yourself to continue to grow with this outstanding group of men. Nothing to lose – lots to gain.

Apologies to big easy showed up at 0530 and was a victim of our poor communication – time change to 0700 for MLK Jr. Day. 0530 resumes on Wednesday with Goofy as the Q.

Best –


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