(Urkel says that he will come up with a name)



33 degrees with the wind NNE @ 6kts…it’s cold.


Postal, Cubby, Bartman, Blue Jeans, Chumbucket, Dabo, Diapers, Peaches, BallCock, Swanson, Animal, Urkel, Squid-QIC



Let’s mosey to warm up.

At teh corner of Bridge/Boundary, circle up for SSH x 30, TTT x 15 and then continue the mosey to Dubois park.


PAX line up shoulder to shoulder on the side of the play ground. As the group does the called exercise continuously, men mount the pull up bar, two at a time for the following:

PAX: Merkins

Bar: Commando Pull-Ups (both hands on one bar, front to back; alternated head to left, head to right) x 10 (or max out)

Once everyone has gone, move to the street for a half lap around the block: ALL YOU GOT

PAX: Starbursts

Bar: Knees to Chest x 10

1/2 lap: mid speed

PAX: Plank Jacks

Bar: Commando Pull-Ups

1/2 lap AYG


Bar: Knees to Chest

1/2 lap mid speed

PAX: Merkins

Bar: Commando Pull-Ups

1/2 lap AYG

PAX: (YHC can’t remember)

Bar: Knees to Chest

Line up on the street for an Indian Run back to AO (basketball court).

1 MOM (Mary is pointless but, Stones chose to not be here so his opinion does not count):

Flutters x 43 (YHC was breathless, THANK YOU Dabo!)



-Many unspoken prayer requests inside our tribe.

-Swanson is the Q for the pork butt smoking. HE CAN NOT DO THIS ALONE! This man has stepped up to handle our meat, the least that you can do is comply and help when you can.


It’s always an honor to lead this group. Keep pushing the rock!

Squid, OUT!


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